Amazing Grace and a Safe Haven

I am a mom to 6 extraordinary kids and wife to the best stay at home dad in the land.  We've been brought together as a family through international adoptions in China and DRCongo.  I am a passionate advocate for orphan care and adoption issues.  I love to laugh, love to cry, love to travel, love to create.  I own my own business called More Love Mama where I sell handmade items featuring Congolese fabrics.  My store helps support Our Family in Africa, the humanitarian aide group that helped make my family possible.

Camping Makes Me a Better Parent: Reflections on a Nearly Perfect Holiday Season

As you might have guessed we did some camping during my Christmas vacation break. As soon as my vacation started we packed up the trailer and headed off to New Mexico to spend the holiday with Grandma and Grandpa. We celebrated our "family" Christmas a few days early ....more

Camping Party of Eight: A Boy and His Log

So this may be the lamest blog post in the history of my blog, but I have this enormous glut of photos and if I don't get some of this posted it will be Valentines Day before I get my Christmas post up!!! If you have tuned in for a dose of wit and wisdom, it's a little early in the morning for me to muster that up, but if you just wanna see some cute kid pics, you're in the right place. So anyway, as you might have gathered, I am in love with camping with my kids! ...more

Camping Party of 8: Thankful for an Early Christmas Present

You might have noticed that I'm not exactly a traditional kind of person. ...more

Birthday Season is Over--Bring on the Christmas!

We celebrated 3 birthdays in October: mine, Haven's, and Katriel's.Mine was not so important. ...more

Birthday Season--Manny is Five and Brian is....a little older than that!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Boo Bear, Manny! A couple of weeks ago he turned 5! ...more

Quick Before Fall Gets Here: A Summer Recap

I was so busy doing not much of anything that I haven't posted a single blog post since July! ...more

Adding a Little Elbow Room

So last summer, just before we hit the road for our family reunions (literally the week before) Brian turned to me one night and said..."Let's convert the garage into a playroom for the kids!"And I said, "Heck ya!" because Brian rarely wants to do the same crazy home improvement projects that I want to do. ...more

"I'm Getting Bigger and Bigger and Bigger...."

July is birthday month for our sweet JoJo. ...more

Four x Three = The Crazy Month of June

Each year for the month of June I have three kids that are the same age. ...more

For the Love of a Boy...and a Bird

Yesterday something weird happened at our house. ...more