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Welcome! A Nutritionist Eats shares my favorite healthy (most of the time) recipes, nutrition tips and all about how this Nutritionist really eats. I live in Los Angeles, work for a nonprofit and I'm a blogger and Nutritionist in my free time.

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We are pretty much moved into the new place! As with any move, it has not been without hiccups. No power in our new apartment for example ....more

lately i’ve been… (november 2014)

celebrating Richie’s birthday at Commissary. Roy Choi has a way with vegetables (sort of the theme of Commissary) and sauces. Each dish came out with an incredibly complex – and insane – sauce ....more

california-inspired thanksgiving menu

I wasn’t going to post today, because…well, my anticipated...more

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Happy Sunday! How is your weekend? It’s been pretty quiet over here and all about the big move next weekend ....more

easy strawberry tart

I made you dessert! It’s a rare occurrence. I eat dessert, but never make it ....more

gorgonzola + honey crostini

I’m currently in the sky, headed back to the West Coast! I’ll call it the “best” coast if it feels more like the fall weather I enjoyed in New York, and less like the summer weather I didn’t enjoy in LA this past weekend. (I loved being in NYC, the energy feels...more

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This week TWO major life-things happened. (Work is a whole story on its own, and I’m actually on my way to NYC as we speak. I’m giving a presentation to the board on social media basics + our strategy on Monday ....more

slow cooker paella

Is this week over yet? Between having my parents in town (SO fun!), some big projects at work, a work trip to New York this weekend AND looking for someplace to live, I’m ready to collapse. Which is precisely the time to bring out the slow cooker ....more

cottage cheese + hard-boiled egg toast

Any other cottage cheese fans out there? I have to admit that I typically keep my cottage cheese-consumption pretty typical. You know, plain ....more

daily eats: october 29, 2014

Good morning internet friends! workout: This morning (as with most mornings) I had that internal conversation with myself as my alarm went off at 5:25: should I get up and go workout? Or should I sleep? ...more