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Welcome! A Nutritionist Eats shares my favorite healthy (most of the time) recipes, nutrition tips and all about how this Nutritionist really eats. I live in Los Angeles, work for a nonprofit and I'm a blogger and Nutritionist in my free time.

(zucchini) noodles & chicken sausage

Zucchini Noodles & Chicken Sausage is a simple, fresh and nutritious dinner! Noodles are made from zucchini and topped with a flavorful chicken sausage sauce. The post (zucchini) noodles & chicken sausage appeared first on a nutritionist eats ....more

spicy shrimp & avocado tartine

Spicy mango habanero salsa shrimp & avocado tartines are a delicious and light summer meal! Thanks to...more

farro & broccolini salad

Farro salad with...more

black beans & cheesy tortillas (foodies fight hunger)

republished from While my days are spent working on the issue of hunger at MAZON, in my spare time I love creating recipes. I love taking the time to style and photograph these recipes – with the perfect light, of course. I love the process of writing and talking about food, and sharing it......more

25 finger foods for babies & toddlers

Hiiiii! I’m popping back in to share some baby foods that have been on our plate lately....more


This recipe sums up life perfectly. One minute I’m making pasta sauce from scratch (spaghetti & no-cook...more

spaghetti & no-cook tomato sauce

Last weekend was one of the hottest weekends I’ve ever experienced. Seriously. I hate to be dramatic but it was...more

oh, hi. (august 2015)

I’m back to chat. Because cooking has been SO simple and I really haven’t been working on recipes. I’m so torn – part of me is really missing the writing, the recipes, the photography…and the other part is totally enjoying a life not attached to a laptop ....more

summer meal plan

I’ve been wanting to share a meal plan for quite some time – and I’m finally getting around to it!...more

simple orzo salad

Right now in life, I have two major obsessions. One is Demi, evidenced by the hours in each day I spend staring at her (or smiling, singing or holding toys in her face…). Also evidenced by the sheer number of pictures I have taken of her ....more