Breakfast With Butterflies

Our painted lady butterflies are flying to new ground as I write this. I can only hope we didn't do this project too early (pray we don't have a cold night folks!) and they meet their demise. If you've got some tricky weather like we do this spring I'd recommend you wait it out until May just to be safe for these little guys ....more

What I Learned from (Reading) Whole30

Paleo Pancakes: 2 eggs, 1 banana, 1 T almond butter. Kids loved them topped with fresh raspberry and blackberry maple syrup and hazelnuts. Highly recommend because it's all protein and we had no flour/sugar crashes mid morning, which with children translates into wild behavior! ...more

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

My girls are no longer babies. I usually find it difficult to rap my brain around that phrase and refuse to sink my teeth into it. I couldn't deny it yesterday after pulling these images off my camera ....more

Happy Weekend!

We're in full weekend mode. So thankful for hubs getting 3 day weekends every other weekend. Back next week with my Whole30 lessons (from reading), some Easter ideas, and possibly Scarlett's 2 year portraits, if our butterflies will come out already! ...more

Whole30: What I'm Taking and Leaving

My brain absorbed all it could last night 60 pages into the middle of It Starts With Food. Needless to say I'm not yet finished. But boy have I learned ....more

Our Re-Painted Living Room (and Easter Mantel)

Benjamin Moore Gray Sky it is. This room got a little updating with a more modern color (antique white wasn't doing it) and we updated our look a bit with some new curtains, candle sconces above the fireplace, and art work rearranging. I also updated for the spring with some new Target pillows ....more

First Whole30 Lesson: I'm Actually Quite Healthy

I've only just started the reading. But so far, I'm killing it in the health department for an average Joe. I mean, I see the complaints on websites ....more

What do you know about Whole30? (and where we're coming from)

This morning I got up and decided to annoy the shit out of my husband. Okay, that wasn't exactly the plan. It never is ....more

She's Freaking Out

Buckled the kids into their carseats recently. Scarlett starts the 2 year old flip-out crying. Doesn't want to be buckled ....more

Planning Scarlett's 2nd Bday

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme (Book by Eric Carle) {...more