I love it...

Coen,I love it when you put your arm around me and give me pats on my back. ...more

Toddler Christmas Shopping in FULL SWING

Uplifting and off (the current "mama's in a funk" - we're going to get through it) topic...What's on our Christmas lists?Buying for two kids close in age, we decided that we'd get them something "big" as their gift and then throw in a few small things to help balance gifts and gender specific things as well.This year this is what's on the shopping list or has already been purchased..1. The BIG Gift.I'm on a lot of those "mommy's cleaning out the house, let's sell it" boards and boy are their some really great deals that come through there! ...more

Overcoming a Slump

I have a lot of work to do to get myself on the road to recovery. ...more

Breastfeeding my children has hurt my marriage...

As much as I hate to say this aloud, and I wouldn't (and won't) change a single second of my nursing journey, I do believe that breastfeeding my children has really (really, really, really) hurt my marriage.I know, dramatic, right?Well, this is how I believe this all came about...First, we got married, thought it would be fun to just practice and not really try....more


Why is it that when November comes, we force ourselves to remember how many things in our lives we are thankful for?...more

Please call me.

I'm a helicopter parent....more

Loving Your Siblings

I’ve talked about being a product of 3 and how having a brother and sister had its ups and downs I love them both more than anything and I’m thankful to have them both in my life....more

Coen, 26 months

Dear Coen, I wanted to write to you today because it's been a while since I've wrote a note to you and today felt like the right time. You're just over 26 months old and while you like to tell me you're 19 years old, we know that isn't true....more

still breastfeeding

I'm entering my 23rd (almost consecutive) month of breastfeeing....more

finally, myself

This weekend was the first weekend in a long time where I felt myself....more