Without the Bollocks

I grew up in country Australia, went to university in Melbourne (studying music and ancient history), joined the Australian Army as a musician, entered the world of public relations, and then decided to head off around the world. That was 1995 and I'm still going, having lived in London, Boston, NYC, Thailand and Singapore - with a couple of short trips back to Australia in between. Singapore-based now, with an adorable husband and two rambunctious sons, my professional background is marketing and communications, with a focus on business and creative writing. My passion is people from all walks of life, and the amazing diversity of this extraordinary planet. I reckon life is pretty great, even though it can be crap sometimes too.

Sri Lanka is, quite simply, amazeballs

When I started telling people we were going to Sri Lanka for a family holiday, anyone who’d been had a twinkle in their eyes as they told me how much I was going to love it. And they were right. I loved it ....more

I’ve been trying to get to Sri Lanka since 1995

It’s 1995, I’m travelling around India, now in Calcutta, trying to decide if I go to China or Sri Lanka next. I left Australia with a one-way ticket – Melbourne, Kathmandu, New Delhi and London. I’d originally planned to go to China after Nepal and India, but the Chinese embassy in Melbourne screwed up my visa application and gave me the wrong date ....more

I think we need to talk about airport customer experience

You know one of the best things about living in Singapore? It’s world-class airport – Changi Airport. It’s a beautiful, modern airport, with amazing facilities, but the best thing is check in ....more

The unknown world of menopause awaits

As a woman entering your 40s (which I’m well into at this stage) there is an impending gloom ahead – the unknown world of menopause. Chances are you’ve seen your mum go through it – which ain’t pretty – but otherwise, it’s the great mystery that will strike you when it’s good and ready. Your only expectation on whenit’s going to happen is at approximately the same time it hit your mum ....more

Have a discussion, disagree, but let's be kind to each other

A while ago I published a blog - Chaos is driving us apart, our collective humanity must bring us back together. My word did that little baby open me up to attack. I can tell you it’s hard putting yourself out there with your own points of view and it can be very challenging getting attacked by people you’ve never met and will never meet ....more

A look into my mind over the last month

In a recent blog, I talked about how hard it is to blog in the midst of all the global chaos we seem to be enduring - and nothing has changed. It’s hard to think about anything else when our days and minds are consumed by the idiocy going on in the political sphere, as well as big business’ continuing negative impact on the environment, the massive increases in defence spending around the world, and the incessant talk of small men with smaller hands threatening war. It’s the most demoralizing...more

How’s the single mothering malarkey going Andrea?

It’s great, so great. I love it when Steve is away for long periods of time, because I really get to relax, enjoying so much peace, solitude and silence you know. It's a self-pampering time.. ....more

Believing you are worth it is everything, so believe

I watched the movie Queen of Katwe last night – a story of a girl from the slums of Uganda who goes on to become a Chess Master. An incredibly powerful story, it touched on so many deep subjects, but most importantly, I couldn’t believe anyone could make a movie about chess and it be brilliant! Please watch it if you can ....more

It’s a very challenging time to blog right now

I have so much to say. Some of it is flippant – the funny life stuff we all laugh at. But more of it is outrage, incredulousness and horror ....more

Finding the silver lining when your husband is sick on holiday

When I go on holiday, I like to get to the guts of a new place. If there's something gritty to see, I’m in. I love to wander around, finding things I’ve never seen before and I savour the experience of newness ....more