Without the Bollocks

I grew up in country Australia, went to university in Melbourne (studying music and ancient history), joined the Australian Army as a musician, entered the world of public relations, and then decided to head off around the world. That was 1995 and I'm still going, having lived in London, Boston, NYC, Thailand and Singapore - with a couple of short trips back to Australia in between. Singapore-based now, with an adorable husband and two rambunctious sons, my professional background is marketing and communications, with a focus on business and creative writing. My passion is people from all walks of life, and the amazing diversity of this extraordinary planet. I reckon life is pretty great, even though it can be crap sometimes too.

Finding a silver lining in the world’s current predicament

How are you feeling? Excited? Hopeful? ...more

I’m fired up and ready to fight like hell. You with me?

Like most people I know, I couldn’t see any silver lining in the US election results, and was dropping f-bombs with the best of them. WTF indeed!!! I was shocked, deeply disappointed, pissed off, but mostly, scared for the future of our world ....more

Why doing video and giving birth are not dissimilar

A friend recently asked me if I’ve enjoyed doing some professional video shoots. Here’s one I’ve done and another if you’re interested. As you’ll notice, it’s not exactly Without the Bollocks style but hey, it’s work.. ....more

Let me womansplain what being grabbed on the pussy feels like

It’s a fascinating time to be alive, but equally, it’s an exhausting time – especially this year. The hatred and division coming up in the world concerns me on such a deep level and I often feel exhausted by it. It leaves me without hope for the future of our planet ....more

Acknowledging the gifts my mother gave me

We’ve just returned from a 10 day mad-dash around Victoria, Australia to celebrate my mum’s 70th birthday. It was great to visit, although I moaned like a bitch about the cold! It was also the first time my three siblings, our four lucky spouses, and all of our nieces and nephews have been in the same place since 2008 ....more

Why I could never be like Hillary Clinton

If you’re hoping I’m going to criticize Hillary Clinton, you may as well stop reading now. I couldn’t admire a woman more. So I suggest moving on if you don’t want a positive perspective ....more

Once again in a deeply reflective state after the Vagina Monologues

I went to see The Vagina Monologues in Singapore last night. It was wonderful to see my great friend Anna in the show, as well as a cast of truly fabulous women. I saw it for the first time in Boston more than 15 years ago, and had the privilege of seeing Eve Ensler deliver the monologues ....more

The thing you never want to hear your son say

So we’re all hanging out before bedtime, and I’m trying to get the boys to read a book with me. Lex doesn’t want to read the book and goes off in a huff, returning to lie in bed crying. Now this isn’t normal for Lex ....more

Mother Teresa was my first feminist inspiration

I was delighted to watch the news that Mother Teresa was canonized yesterday, but the best part of the news was watching her community in Calcutta celebrate this amazing moment. Many are so very proud of her. I met Mother T when I was in Calcutta in 1995 ....more

Getting prepared for a TED Talk one of these days

At some point, I will do a TED Talk about the journey we’ve been on with Lex. I believe it’s a really important message to get out there, because what I’ve witnessed has often been very disconcerting, upsetting, and to be frank – just bloody downright wrong! While we’ve had access to incredible teachers and resources (mainly because we could afford to pay for it) I don’t think the “system” is working for all children and it’s certainly not letting kids like Lex evolve into all they can be ....more