Without the Bollocks

I grew up in country Australia, went to university in Melbourne (studying music and ancient history), joined the Australian Army as a musician, entered the world of public relations, and then decided to head off around the world. That was 1995 and I'm still going, having lived in London, Boston, NYC, Thailand and Singapore - with a couple of short trips back to Australia in between. Singapore-based now, with an adorable husband and two rambunctious sons, my professional background is marketing and communications, with a focus on business and creative writing. My passion is people from all walks of life, and the amazing diversity of this extraordinary planet. I reckon life is pretty great, even though it can be crap sometimes too.

Lex at a New School, Mum and Dad Cry

Lex started at his new school this week and by all accounts, it’s been a smooth start. Called the International Integrated School, it is both a mainstream school with an excellent support programme. IIS wasn’t our first choice ....more

Are we There Yet?

When flying into Bali last week, I had the pleasure of sitting with both boys, constantly asking “are we there yet?” Now it’s only a couple of hours by plane from Singapore to Bali, so it’s not a long way to go, but obviously, it got me thinking about my own childhood. As you might have read in a previous blog - “The Datsun is Back” - when we asked “are we there yet?” 1. No one could hear us, and 2 ....more

Seed Removal

We had a big week in our house… well our wee pussy cats did. Luther and Riddick were both neutered. Poor little poppets, although 24 hours after the operation they were slipping and sliding around the apartment as always ....more

Motherhood a Series of No Mores

I was having a chat with a couple of Mum’s recently (all with kids around 4-6) and these various ladies were telling me how they are struggling to find strategies to stop doing things for their kids. One of them told me her little fella won’t do a pooh at school and waits until he gets home so his Mum can wipe his arse. Another told me she still feeds her kid because they just won’t eat otherwise ....more

Raising Gentlemanly Sons

My hubby Steve has made it his life’s mission to turn our boys into gentlemen. It’s very sweet. At the grand old age of six and seven, they know you should never go into a ladies’ handbag - although that rule is always ignored if Tic Tacs are on show ....more

Ding Dong the Rat is Dead

For those closely watching “The Rat in the Coffee Machine Affair” (please refer to my previous blog), you’ll be pleased to know that Vick has been victorious. A determined woman at the best of times, I was rather pleased to be in Taipeithis week when victory was finally announced. In case anyone else has to deal with getting a rat out of a coffee machine - because it's such a common thing right? ...more

Rat in the Coffee Machine

Our New Red Jura Angel One of the great challenges living in a ground floor apartment in the tropics is coming face-to-face with local wildlife. Giant cockroaches, ants and flying bugs is common on any floor, as are geckoes - we like geckoes. Snakes are a little rarer and we’ve had the delight of one snake pop in for a visit ....more

My friends I

My friends, I wanted to share a really remarkable moment for two of my great friends Duncan and Lee Ann McKee. Nine years ago, they launched...more

Cats, Kids, Consequences, Death

So we’ve finally got some pussy cats. It’s been a long time coming - 20 years for me personally, and I must admit I’ve missed having a cat every single one of those 7,300 days. I’m a cat person, but it’s impossible to have pets when you have a tendency to move countries on a regular basis ....more

Wow, Inspired!

For the last two days, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Asia Professionals Speakers - Singapore...more