Without the Bollocks

I grew up in country Australia, went to university in Melbourne (studying music and ancient history), joined the Australian Army as a musician, entered the world of public relations, and then decided to head off around the world. That was 1995 and I'm still going, having lived in London, Boston, NYC, Thailand and Singapore - with a couple of short trips back to Australia in between. Singapore-based now, with an adorable husband and two rambunctious sons, my professional background is marketing and communications, with a focus on business and creative writing. My passion is people from all walks of life, and the amazing diversity of this extraordinary planet. I reckon life is pretty great, even though it can be crap sometimes too.

I’m Starting to Enjoy it!

My boys It should come as no surprise to my faithful readers that this motherhood malarkey has not been exactly smooth sailing for moi. Many has been the moment, when the boys are doing my head in, that I find myself metaphorically screaming to the world: “WHEN, EXACTLY, does this mothering job actually become fun?” I never did get an answer. However, I can tell you one thing ....more

Nice One Gwyneth AND Chris

Permit me to have a little rant please. So Gwyneth and Chris have taken a rather unusual approach in their public announcement of the “separation of their union.” Calling it conscious uncoupling, one would think they’ve just destroyed half the world and infected the rest of the children with some bloody hideous disease. SHIT people! ...more

Lex is Growing Up… I Think

A couple of weeks ago, I started to notice some pretty significant changes in Lex. Not only has he gotten more responsible, he’s gotten more vulnerable. He’s needier than he’s ever been, clingy when we’re out and about, super affectionate (which is gorgeous), but mostly, he’s become a little bit scared of taking a risk ....more

Help a Sister and the World Out?

Singapore is breathing a HUGE sigh of relief as the first rain in months arrived recently and for the first time in weeks, the air tasted a bit clean. While the recent haze in Singapore is nowhere near as bad as the filth that swamped us last year (see below a series of pictures from my office of MBS in June 2013) it’s arrived much earlier than normal, and once again the people living in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore suffer – with those living in Sumatra and Borneo- especially the poor - suffering much much more in poorly insulated dwellings. The view of MBS from my office in June 2013 - expected to be worse this year So what’s changed since last year? ...more

Detaching from the Outcome

Lex got lots of love from his Pop and Nan I recently returned from a really beautiful five days in Australia with my little love, Lex. It’s the first time we’ve split the family in two, but I knew it was important for all of us to have some time apart, so we could remember to appreciate each other when we got back together. The boys missed each other painfully, but I was thrilled to share my Dad’s 70th with my lovely son, although we both missed Jax and Steve ....more

It’s the Darnedest Thing

Steve arrived home Sunday morning after nearly two weeks away in the US. It’s a tough trip for all of us when he’s away that long (especially the US) because he’s asleep when the boys are up - apart from the morning chaos when we’re all scrambling to get out the door – but equally, Steve is always flat-out, in meetings, entertaining customers and partners, etc… While he’s doing that I’m also juggling the boys, work, meetings, AND keeping my love informed throughout the day so he feels connected to home. It’s bloody intense ....more

Coconut Oil and Magnesium Oil

A little while ago, I wrote a blog about synthetic oestrogen and hormones in beauty products. I was specifically concerned about the impact on my state of mind due to the daily slathering of my entire body with these concoctions. It’s hard to find conclusive evidence about impact, but I decided to take no chances and went on the hunt for natural alternatives ....more

There is no Away

Today most of us are faced with a constant and fast moving stream of information, ideas, motivation and the less-than-savory-aspects of humankind as we share our lives on social channels. It’s a torrent that is becoming harder and harder to manage, but it’s our new digital reality and it’s fundamentally changing the world in ways we can’t even imagine right now. In the meantime, we’re all working out how WE want to live within the context of this new world and I personally think it’s a fascinating time for humankind ....more

One More Year

A brand new Jax rocks our world February 13th 2008 When I speak with like-minded Mums – the variety who don’t wax lyrical about the wonders of motherhood and tend to be more open to conversations around the grueling aspects of the early years – one thing that always comes up from Mums with older kids is this: “it gets good from about the age of seven. You’ll enjoy it more then.” When Mum’s started telling me this years ago I wondered how I’d ever make it through the chaos and craziness of the coming years. Then (well, still really) I was dealing with the discovery of children starting fires IN the house, the sitting down at the end of a day thinking “shit, they didn’t die today that’s good”, and the cleaning up of blood thinking how the hell did we avoid a visit to the hospital? ...more

My Three Words

I follow Chris Brogan– a blogger who got famous for blogging, then wrote books, then did/does all sorts of other stuff, and I like him because he speaks my kind of language – be it life or business. Anyway, he’d probably hate being introduced this way, and I know he’s a lot more, but he wrote a blog about his three words for the year and it caught my imagination. I like the idea of single words encapsulating a lot more than a list of goals – i.e. do more exercise, lose weight, etc… Those sorts of lists just ain’t my thing, and I see positive change as constant evolution ....more