The (al)most wonderful time of the year

**I wrote this Thursday night with a broken heart. Filled with guilt and loathing for myself and the place my heart has stood this entire season. I didn't edit a single thing, so if it's a ramble, it's going to be a ramble ....more

Gluten Free Gingerbread is not scary

My oldest went gluten free about two months ago and it's been a mostly positive experience. It sucks that she can't eat her regular corn dogs and chicken strips at her favorite restaurants, but she has been requesting to take salads in her lunch. I'll call it like I see it and say that's a win ....more

In a year...

In a year...This was once my mantra. Those first few years of motherhood. When I was knee deep in it, sleep deprived and stuck, I would tell myself that in a year things would be better ....more

Wore {November 2014}

Because November ended almost two weeks ago... Because this was my last chance to show off some outfits I slapped together. Because I just love the Outfit of the Day Selfie ....more

Days filled with...

I've found that I have to fill my days with moments for me. I never realized how valuable time really is. It's the hottest commodity around ....more

A Christmas First {2014}

Our tree is finally up. This is no small feat considering someone or everyone in this house has been sick for the last two weeks. Add to that the fact that I am a retail warrior, working almost every day, while listening to Mariah Carey slaughter every Christmas song you thought you liked ....more

Thankful 2014 {and Family Pictures}

Thanksgiving came and went. It was all so quick and sudden. Most likely because we were all sick in the week leading up to the big day ....more

Four Gifts {Read}

I guess by now you all have noticed that I was a little busy this holiday week. I'm slowing climbing my way back to the computer. Sadly with all the hustle and bustle I wasn't able to get my Four Gifts post up on Thursday ....more

WTF are "Sick Days"?

It's late. I should be in bed, asleep, waiting on my four a.m. wake up call. Instead I'm here, because I couldn't go another day and leave this pretty little blog empty ....more

Dead fish. Lice. Life Lately. {11.21.14}

"I couldn't make this shit up if I tried"That is a constant lament when I talk to my bestie on the phone. How is life so much stranger than fiction? Just when you think you have it all under control.. ....more