Mayonnaise Biscuits

If your first thought is “gross,” you are forgiven. But bear with me. I have periodically come across recipes for mayonnaise biscuits in little church cookbooks, or on hand written recipe cards and I have dismissed them as crazy talk ....more

Orange Pineapple Refresher

Recently, I was gifted with one of those rare days when I had my daughter all to myself. We sent the boys off to a Cub Scout camp-out. We packed them up, helped organize gear, and applied band-aids to the wounds of my son’s whittling practice ....more

Hello Friends

Hello friends. I’ve been avoiding this like the plague, but here goes: I’M FULL. I’m existentially FULL ....more

Sweet Cornbread Muffins

Corn bread and corn muffins, and biscuits for that matter, are much like barbecue. People are downright passionate about the art-form. These are the most basic of recipes passed down from grandmother and great grandmothers, methods learned by listening and watching ....more

Consider the Egg

Consider the egg. Eggs are fairly amazing. We use them in such an off handed way, really ....more

Lime Cream Cups

It has taken only three or four trips to Mexico to find out that cooks in Mexico, or at least the ones with whom I have had the pleasure of cooking, do amazing things with a blender. My first encounter with this phenomenon was a great cook named Aurelia in Cuernavaca. She to continue Lime Cream Cups ...more

Farm to Market 2014: Foodways Texas Symposium, Part II

[Dinner at The Farm at Ronin Cooking Friday Evening] Our first day of the 2014 Foodways Texas Symposium ended at The Farm at Ronin Cooking. It was a beautiful night. But we had more eating and story telling and listening to do, to continue Farm to Market 2014: Foodways Texas Symposium, Part II ...more

Farm to Market 2014: Foodways Texas Symposium

[Welcome Dinner at The Veranda in College Station, Texas] I spent the last several days at the Foodways Texas Symposium which was held this year in College Station. Driving back to Dallas by way of Mexia on Sunday morning, I had an opportunity to think about my time at the to continue Farm to Market 2014: Foodways Texas Symposium ...more

Heirloom Beans

Once I started looking at heirloom beans, I couldn’t stop. Thankfully, unlike jewels, this is a fairly modest addiction. And the interesting thing is that now that I have acquired all of these beautiful beans, I don’t even want to eat them ....more

Cowboy Beans

There is a long tradition of cowboy beans in Texas. Pinto beans hold a special place in Texas history and culture. The word “pinto” translates in Spanish to painted and describes the lovely mottled skin of the bean ....more