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Artist-writer-dancer-poet living in Portland, Maine. I'm basically happy, but not yet content. This is my life...

I'm not blessed

Life is good right now. Yesterday I was given a raise, one that I knew was coming but it was larger than anticipated. ...more


Reminder... Today I'm looking ahead at my calendar. ...more


I have an almost superstitious fear of saying I'm happy or having a good day. ...more


My bags are once again packed. ...more

Day 29: The Kayak

[Public domain]via Wikimedia Commons Water spiders may not be large but they are rather bold. The way they all appeared as if out of nowhere when the dock was bumped by my clumsy handling of the kayak, and then vanished just as quickly was rather disconcerting. I was left wondering if I had just imagined them ....more

Day 28: Vacation Begins

All the green...photo by J. Grandbois When I logged in to write today's post I noted that I forgot to write a post yesterday. My first thought was, "Oh, well I guess now I have to write two blog posts to make up for it..."Followed by, "Wait ....more

Day 26: What I'm looking forward to...

Photo by J. Grandbois Yesterday I wrote about my anxiety surrounding my vacation. ...more

Day 25: My vacation is stressing me out...

Arthur Rackham [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Alright, I'll confess. ...more

Day 24: Eavesdropping

Charles Joshua Chaplin...more