Spinster Jane

Artist-writer-dancer-poet living in Portland, Maine. I'm basically happy, but not yet content. This is my life...

Day 27; Who or what matters most to you?

The Mission Statement:...more

Day 26: Who do you want to be?

The Mission Statement:...more

Day 25: How do you want people to describe you?

The Mission Statement:...more

Day 24: How do I want to be remembered?

The Mission Statement:...more

Day 23: The Mission Statement

Earlier this month I wrote a post about creating a personal mission statement....more

Day 22: Eight Things

Today's blog prompt is courtesy of Facebook and the post of a friend listing five things about herself that few folks knew....more

Day 21: ....

Today was a blur....more

Day 20: Some things were easier in middle school

Step 1: Watch the video... Step 2: Read the blog post....So my memory of middle school "dating" went more like:Act I: Math Class Me: I think I might like Danny.Friend: I'm gonna tell Danny you like him at recess....more

Day 19: Am I up for this challenge?

Daily blogging for two months in a row is proving to be a challenge....more

Day 18: Short and sweet

It is apparently much easier for me to start a month of blogging at the end of a semester than it is to start one at the beginning of a new semester.Today spent six hours in drum, song and dance workshops....more