Thai Chicken Larb

By Malcolm Bedell We don’t do a lot of Thai cooking at home, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me. In our house, we tend to think of Thai cooking as an option more when the weather is cold; the fiery curries and thick, creamy coconut sauces that make up the bulk of our typical Thai takeout order don’t exactly scream “summertime refreshment.” But why not? After all, it’s hotter than the sins of all blackest hell in Thailand most of the time, right? ...more

Rails, Tails and Ales: A Photostory

By Kasey Ahlquist There are some events that you just shouldn’t miss. When you hear that there will be a gathering of classic cars and a craft beer show all in one location, you go. You hop in the car, hit 295 and follow the traffic through Wiscasset and over the bridge to the Boothbay turn off ....more

14 Ways to Use Fresh, Seasonal Raspberries

By Malcolm Bedell It’s full-blown raspberry season! We like them by the handful straight from the basket, still warm from the sun…but it turns out that you can actually cook with them, too! Fresh raspberries are peaking right now, and they are better now than they’ll be all year ....more

Fried Mahi-Mahi Fish Sandwiches Topped with Cheesy Curly Fries (Or: The Ultimate Filet-O-Fish)

By Malcolm Bedell It’s no secret to long-time readers of this website that I have a deep-seated, lifelong obsession with the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish. I understand the consequences of voicing this passion publicly, understand that every time I mention the sandwich, another self-appointed “foodie” rolls his eyes in disgust, and goes back to the dictionary to find a new way to use the word “unctuous.” Here’s the gamble: I’ve always been willing to bet that for every miso-scented prig who Alt-F4s this website in disgust, vowing never to return again and to instead get back to the very important business of name-dropping their butcher in unrelated...more

Perfect Summer Pairings at P.F. Chang’s (Plus Contest!)

By Jillian Bedell The new Summer Chef’s Seasonal Menu at P. F. Chang’s is full of fresh bites, perfect for the season. Malcolm and I became fans of the popular Chinese chain years ago, while visiting the US from Mexico ....more

Lamb Keftedes

By Malcolm Bedell We’ve gone pita crazy! Seriously, ever since we unlocked the secret to Zankou Chicken’s garlic sauce (what the more Lebanese among us call “toum,”) we’ve been desperate to find new things to stuff into pita pockets to spread with the stuff. Today’s recipe for lamb keftedes takes us all the way back to ancient Greece, or more accurately, to Astoria Boulevard in Queens, where things are being done to and with lamb that will change your whole outlook on life (and probably the lamb’s) ....more

8 Cooling Chilled Summer Soups

By Malcolm Bedell Too hot to turn on the stove and heat up the kitchen? We rounded up eight of our favorite food blogger’s formulas for beating the heat this Summer. Enjoy! ...more

Poached Peaches with Whipped Cream

By Jillian Bedell Many years ago I worked as an assistant...more

Our Four Year Anniversary

By Malcolm Bedell When I think back to the day we first started this little blog, five houses, four towns, 3,000 miles, and nearly two kids ago, it’s nothing short of astonishing that now, nearly 1,000 posts and four years later, we’re still at it. What started as an opportunity to learn to take photos of food while trying to be funny about frozen burritos, has developed into a huge site with hundreds and hundreds of pages of archives, including more than 600 recipes and almost 200 reviews of restaurants...more

“Steakhouse Classics” Sandwich with Creamed Spinach, Sliced Filet Mignon, and Mixed Mushrooms

By Malcolm Bedell One of the things that’s unexpectedly happened to Jillian and I, over the last few years, is that we’ve turned into steakhouse people. Dyed-in-the-wool, pitcher of martinis, truffled creamed spinach, red leather booth, yes-please-ask-the-kitchen-to-start-on-the-chocolate-soufflé, steakhouse people. We’re not sure how it happened; it may be no more than a matter of scarcity, since neither Mexico nor Portland, ME really specialized in the kind of classic, dimly-lit, ridiculously expensive steakhouse of our dreams, where the beef is aged for forty days and the scotch for 14 years ....more