this year's three little pigs project, christmas cards, and our very own online store!

it's kind of like christmas day here, because after much hand work, we finally have an...more

drawing on windows

i was back at ella shoes recently to spruce up their windows. this has been such a fun and rewarding project ....more

LEGOs and Fridays

my new found hobby. ...more

new chalk

we were challenged this weekend to write down our vision for our family. first item that came to mind is seek first, always, this… now it's on our wall. not sure how long this will be up before i get the urge to wipe it off ....more

the fancy playground

we went to check out that fancy new playground in richmond. it's called the terra nova adventure play environment. yep ....more

our third child, sailor

four days ago, on saturday october 11, 2014, we gained a child, sailor leggett. he or she is in heaven. i want to write about my miscarriage, because i think we as a society don't talk about this subject much openly, and i think we should ....more

drawing on walls

Photos of my recent work at Ella Shoes in Metropolis at Metrotown. (Such a weird long name for a gigantic mall.) Anyway, here are they are for all of you family and friends who can't go see it in person. And if you can go see it in person, do stop by! ...more

emerald city

a night away san kiddies. what?! andrew and i have only done this one other time in the history of our little family, so we endeavoured to spend every minute doing very un-kid friendly stuff ....more

beach days

here's what's going on. it's still summer. therefore, at the beach is where we will live until it's not ....more


So I've been on a break. Hum, can't you tell?! It's been refreshing, to be away from the computer ....more