The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful

I'm a relationship sensei, scribe, tart, provocateur. I cover dating, marriage, married sex, body image, parenting of a sort and how to avoid Asshats to Find Real Love at The Woman Formerly Known as Beatiful and  I'm also a contributing blogger at The Huffington Post, Purple Clover, Medium and Midlife Boulevard.

I was a BlogHer 2013 Voices of The Year keynote speaker for my post What I Know About Sex Now That I'm In My 40s.

I was a cast member in the 2014 Los Angeles "Expressing Motherhood" show and the 2015 Orange County "Listen to Your Mother" show.

I've written two memoirs, Into The Child: 40 Weeks in the Gestational Wilderness which was named one of the top 100 Indie books of 2013 by The Kirkus Review and Smash, Crash & Burn: Tales From the Edge of Celebrity available for purchase on Amazon.

How Annette Bening Is Dangerously Radical

Crow’s Feet. Frown lines. A softening neck and body ....more

This Is the Sneaky, Self-Discombobulating Trait I’m Giving Up in 2017

What follows are three instances where my sneaky trait got me in trouble. See if you can guess what it is? The Bra Incident My acquaintance had incredibly large breasts ....more

My Holiday Gift to You? No More Narcissists!

Hello my Beauties — I’ve been cheating on this site with my relationship site at — I’m hoping my life-coaching business for women who want out of toxic relationships to find Real Love will become a micro-business that supports my writing habit. But for those of you in the dating theater on Tinder, and, here are my latest — some illuminating pieces on how to avoid the Asshats and find Real Love. xoxo S A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Dealing With a Narcissist (from my personal journal — you’re welcome.) He Pursues, Then Panics ....more

5 Things to Do in Cabo. Unless You Want to Survive!

Be warned. These “5 Things to Do in Cabo” might render you a pariah to the indigenous folk, your family and all who know you....more

Learn the Secrets to Korean Beauty From a Bonafide Rock Star! (Girl Band Nylon Pink)

Being an ordinary, humdrum white woman I tend to romanticize people of color and their culture. My black friend Lue had to tell me to stop fondling her hair. I didn’t realize white women annoy the crap out of black women by touching their hair all the time ....more

4 Amazing Benefits of Midlife Sex

“I think I’m ready to hang up my boots,” my friend Geraldine says. “Are you moonlighting as the Electric Horseman and you didn’t tell me?” I query hopefully. (I’ve looked everywhere for that soundtrack and it no longer exists! ...more

Parents Be Aware: How Teen Drug Use Can Morph into Mental Illness

The Harrowing Merry-Go-Round of Mental Illness and Addiction Everyone has some...more

The Effects of Divorce on Children: How My Parents Divorce Turned Me Into Jason Bourne

I Always Thought I’d Make a Good Spy. Like Jason Bourne, I’d speak fluent English, French, Russian, Dutch, German, Swedish, and Spanish; my other special skills would include hand-to-hand combat; a mix of Filipino Kali and Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga. I’d have supreme efficiency in handling numerous vehicles, and would possess a Brazilian passport with a Portuguese name: “Gilberta de Piento.” I felt qualified because my parents divorced when I was three and I orbited two homes as disparate as Jupiter and Mars ....more

How My Grandma Took a Stand & Was Forced From Her Church of 40 Years!

This Story Is in Honor of National Grandparents Day & LBGT Rights In 1988 at the height of the AIDs epidemic and near-hysterical homophobia, my Aunt Barbara – who’d once been married to a Paul Newman lookalike — came out as gay. The news hit my grandma Ellen (who we just called Gram) hard. She was a 78-year old devoutly Christian woman born and raised on a farm in the Bible Belt by Czech immigrants ....more

The Lengths I’ll Go to Try to Impress You (& be of service)

I like to brag. And every now and them I’m a cowgirl who’s all hat and no cattle. But I did something I didn’t think I could do in the video below, see if you can do it with me! ...more