Miles’s Birth Story

I failed to post one single time about my pregnancy with Miles. I really haven’t been blogging much since last summer (we found out I was pregnant on August 13th, after trying and praying all year for a third). No announcement post, no weekly “bumpdates.” Even though sweet Miles fell victim to “Third Kid Syndrome” well before he was born, I certainly feel compelled to share his birth story ....more

Prepping Freezer Meals Before Baby

Baby Number 3 is due to arrive in just about three weeks. In some ways I’m beyond ready (tired, achy, waddling, peeing every 5 minutes, ready to get in our new groove), but I’m also trying to savor these last couple weeks as a family of four. We’ve been in a great routine for three years now, and I’m trying not to rush the inevitable change, though I know it’s going to be amazing ....more

Happy 3rd Birthday, Mac!

Mac, Just like that, you are three. I cannot believe three whole years have come and gone since you entered our lives and changed our hearts forever. I could never dream the love I could hold in my heart for a little boy ....more

Weekly Meal Plan {March 7-11}

One week from today my baby boy will be a big THREE year old! How does that happen so fast? We have some fun celebrations planned with friends for the coming weekend so I’m hoping the glorious spring weather sticks around ....more

{Non-Candy} Valentine Gifts for Kids

We don’t make too much of a fuss over Valentine’s Day at our house. Jason and I usually get each other a card and may escape for a child-free dinner if the stars aline. We try to show each other and our children love each and every day ....more

Weekly Meal Plan {February 1-5}

I have been uninspired when it comes to planning our weekly menu as of late. The weeks seem to be getting busier and busier and the thought of cooking is unappealing most days. I’m trying my best to be creative so we don’t eat the same thing all the time ....more

My Big Come Back

I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s basically been radio silence here on Duchess of Fork since last summer. Since that time, life has been a just little busy. We found out we were expecting our third baby (a sweet boy!), travelled to Paris, travelled to Disney with the family, I completed my teaching recertification, launched my brand new blog (Destin Duchess), and I’m working toward my FL real estate license ....more

21 Day Fix Approved Weekly Meal Plan {1/11-1/15}

I actually had the ENTIRE house to myself for close to 24 hours over the weekend and I really knocked out some meal planning and prep. Jason flew to Vegas for the big college football national championship game and both sets of grandparents pitched in to watch the kids Saturday night until around midday Sunday. Waking up to a totally quiet house, then leisurely sipping my coffee while watching The Food Network, was absolutely glorious! ...more

20 Lessons I Learned From My Kids This Summer

1. On an especially gorgeous day, drop everything and take the kids to the beach. No, it’s not an easy feat by yourself, and yes, they’ll get sandy, but they will have the time of their lives. 2 ....more

Happy 4th Birthday, Julia!

My Darling Julia, You are four years old today! Sometimes I forget that you are still a little girl because you are wise and mature beyond your years. Your first four years have gone by in a flash, but in a way it seems that you’ve always been with us ....more