Having the Money Talk Without Ruining the Romance

This is a guest post from Pauline of InvestmentZen.com Money has always been a complicated topic in my relationships. While I have never been married, I have started a company and bought several properties with a partner, and lived with another one for a few years. And in both instances, there were a lot of money talks ....more

5 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

Designing your wedding invites can be a fun process. However, depending on how many invitations you’re sending out, it can get quite expensive. Wedding invites aren’t the only paper ware you’ll need if you’re having a traditional wedding ....more

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner? Here’s Why I Didn’t

Given the fact that planning a wedding can be a stressful process, hiring a wedding planner can seem like a smart move. If you want to have a nice wedding but you’re overwhelmed with everything and don’t have the time to focus on the little details, a wedding planner can certainly hold your hand throughout the entire process and offer you their industry expertise and creative ideas and concepts. Plus, I’ll admit, it sounds nice to be able to pass things off to someone else when you don’t feel like doing it ....more

Best Honeymoon Island Destinations

Whether you spend several months planning a wedding, have a small gathering, or elope, you’re going to feel tempted to book a relaxing honeymoon getaway to celebrate your new marriage. This is what my husband and I did but on a budget. I’ll share how we were able to pull off a luxurious honeymoon in Jamaica for cheap next week ....more

5 Ways to Have a Fun and Frugal Bachelor Party

One of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding planning process is getting to the bachelor/bachelorette party festivities. I definitely had a fun and frugal bachelorette party and my husband even had two bachelor parties and didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg. If your groomsmen are on a budget but still want to enjoy your final bachelor days with you, here are 5 ideas for having a fun and frugal bachelor party. 1 ....more

How to Find the Perfect Groomsmen Gift

A big thanks to Groovy Groomsmen Gifts for sponsoring this post! I was invited to give my two cents on a product they sent me and the process of finding the best gifts for groomsmen. All thoughts and opinions are my own ....more

Organize Your Finances with a Bill Calendar

Sometimes keeping your finances organized is no easy feat. When you have bills and your housing payment due, along with other financial responsibilities, it’s easy to lose track of your cash flow and expenses. There are often so many budget categories to consider and one of the worst things I dislike about having disorganized finances other than having no clue what’s going on, is having to deal with late fees and similar consequences ....more

Newlyweds: Buy Life Insurance. It’s Sexy!

This article was sponsored by...more

15 Work Ideas for Teens That Anyone Can Do

Getting your first job as a teen can be an exciting experience. However, it might sting when you can’t find anyone who’s hiring. Teens who would like to start earning money of their own have other options besides the typical fast food restaurant or retail store ....more

Top Wedding Themes and Trends of 2017

Planning a wedding for 2017? You’ll want to think about trends and theme for 2017 now since these next few months will fly by. Not every couple comes up with a wedding theme (my husband and I didn’t) but yet, it’s still fun to play around with the possibility of implementing a theme because it makes your focus much clearer when planning your big day ....more