My absolute favorite place to be in our home is the kitchen, with classical guitar echoing from my Contemporary Folk station on Pandora. It's soothing and happy, as I look through our breakfast nook windows to the expanse of land behind our house, loving the peace and solitude that come with living in the country. I work to make our home cozy ....more

Hey There!

Wow, two months since my last post! I think that's a record.Does anyone even read this anymore?I'm keeping it open as a means to process the things that I think may need processing, but the trick has been carving out the time that it takes to write out such things, and when given the option to take a nap or read a book or watch a Parenthood marathon on Netflix, blogging gets shuffled to the back seat.(I just had to scoot my chair in as a little toddler said, "'Scuse me!" as she walked behind me pushing a shopping cart with a baby inside while holding a magic wand. And wearing heels ....more

Monday, oh, Monday.

Monday was a rough day.Maybe it was the homemade chicken broth that tasted like dirt (dirt for dinner! yum!), or the red paint smeared on my table by a sneaky toddler, or the mountain of laundry, oh, the MOUNTAIN of laundry that wouldn't go away no matter how many times I closed my eyes and willed it to happen, or the fact that Daylight Saving Time just about kicked my rear and I medicated my drowsiness with several cups of too-strong coffee that left me jittery and, well, still tired.I waited for my second wind. It didn't come.During nap time, I prayed ....more

One of the

One of the more entertaining aspects of parenthood is the opportunity to create completely unbelievable answers to ongoing and superfluous questions that come forth from little mouths all day long."Why is the road shaped like that?" "Where do pickles come from?" "What makes grass?"At the beginning of the day, I'm on my game. At breakfast, the sky is blue because of reflected light particles and atmosphere and stuff. By lunch, I'm waning slightly and the sky is blue because there's air and God made the sun and oh look, a pony, and by dinner, the sky of which I have spoken all day is clearly falling on my head and I have no idea why it is green, wait, is it green? ...more

Snow and Lent.

It's been a long winter.I understand, this goes without saying; however, after yesterday's episodes of "thundersleet" and powerful wind gusts carrying a negative wind chill along with them, I found myself moaning at yet another day that is too cold to go outside. Another day cooped up.I pressed my forehead against the cold windowpanes and sighed. A lot.Our church services were cancelled yesterday ....more


This past week has been a sad week. We've mourned with loved ones who have lost--some too soon, some at the end of a rich and beautiful life. When a deluge of heartbreak falls into our lives, I find myself scrambling to make sense of it.My sixth grade teacher, Mrs ....more

Confrontation and Common Core.

If you know anything about me, you know that confrontation isn't exactly my strong suit.A long time ago, as two of my friends were in a heated disagreement, I found myself in my friend's home office, hiding under the desk, on the phone with my husband, whispering vehemently that I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO THEY ARE FIGHTING AND I AM UNDER A DESK. Once the situation resolved itself, I emerged from the hallway, stating that I had taken a bit of a long time in the bathroom.Brave, yes?I am happy to report that my insecurity has lessened quite a bit since having children. Parenthood is full of disagreeing ideals and I have learned that you can sit on one side of the fence while still waving at the other--no need to be hateful ....more

I Just Really Like Him.

My hubby came home last night after being out of town for four days. I was hoping to be awake and cheerful when he arrived, but, instead, I was snoring in bed by 9:00, drool on my pillow, lights dark in the house. Sexy!I am a stay-at-home Mom ....more

Simplicity and Waving the White Flag.

So. The first few weeks of January just about did us in.I'm sure that it's my decision to simplify. I mean, surely ....more

More Simple Thoughts.

Simplicity is tricky because it isn't always convenient.Despite good intentions, a day can go from zero to crazy in a matter of moments and keeping calm amidst the storm can be a little challenging. All it takes is one hectic morning to throw a tidy house into chaos or a calm heart into frustration. I can wake up with a plan to keep things simple, but life doesn't always acquiesce to my desires for serenity ....more