Undoing the Santa Lie

If you have a free moment — Hahahahaha, like anyone has those anymore — head over to the PBS NewsHour site and check out my column about lying to kids about Santa. Although I think there are perfectly good reasons for doing the Santa thing and for NOT doing the Santa thing, I’ve got some advice for those like myself who have entered Santa territory lightly but...more

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New Blog, New Opportunity, New Terror

Pack your bags, folks. We’re hittin’ the road. As of this week,...more

Last Call!

Big news!...more

When the ‘Best’ School is a Religious School

This is an issue that comes up a lot in secular families. (So much so that I’m not sure why I’ve not written about it sooner.) In so many areas of our country, religious organizations have cornered the preschool market. (I remember when I was school-shopping for my daughter,...more

“Mommy, What’s Confession?”

Last week, I gave you some simple language with which to explain Catechism in a non-religious way. Today, because it’s...more

“Mommy, What’s Catechism?”

This segment of “Mommy, What’s That?” — a series...more

My Kid’s New (And Adorably Diplomatic) Theory of Evolution

My daughter has this tendency to go all existentialist on me while riding in the car. I’m not sure what it is about this particular setting that motivates these sorts of talks. Is it sitting still with nothing else to do? ...more

5 Reasons to ‘Design Your Own Deity’

When I first found this “Design Your Own Deity” magnetic play set, I was a little pissed at you. Yes, you. All 15 of you ....more

It’s a Gift from God, Y’all

Want to know what the Bible says but don’t want to read the damn thing?...more