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Cuban Pork Chops with Warm Grapefruit Vinaigrette

These days, Cuba is on everybody’s mind and itinerary, now that travel restrictions have been loosened, allowing Americans to travel to the island nation more easily. For those of us who haven’t yet jetted there, we can at least take our palates there, thanks to “Cuba!: Recipes and Stories From the Cuban Kitchen” (Ten Speed Press), a new cookbook ...more

Take A Taste of the Impossible and Beyond Meat Burgers

What is a burger without meat? Diehard carnivores might answer, “A travesty.” But even they might change their minds after a bite of the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Meat Burger. Both are entirely plant-based patties that closely mimic beef burgers ....more

First Day of Spring Means Asparagus

I get giddy for asparagus in spring. There are many things I look forward to with each season, but there is something special about asparagus because its local season is so short. Because of that, I gorge myself on the spears until they disappear all too quickly from the markets ....more

Real Good Fish Is…Real Good

Just-caught fish, delivered conveniently to pick-up locations in your Bay Area neighborhood each week, with reasonable prices and no long-list of middlemen to tack on more costs. That’s what Moss Landing’s Real Good Fish is all about. Established in 2012 by founder Alan Lovewell, who studied international environmental policy, it was one of the first community supported fisheries in ...more

Join the Food Gal for “Cooking Up Stories” Event

In this day and age where people complain that they have no time to read or stay informed, I’m heartened there are projects such as “Cooking Up Stories.” The second ebook published by the Sunnyvale Public Library, it features 18 short stories about food that were written by Silicon Valley residents. Join me 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. April 8, ...more

Maio That’s Not Mayo

Now, you can have your mayo — and eat it, too. If like me, you’ve shied away from mayonnaise in the past because it’s such a calorie bomb, now you can indulge with a whole lot less guilt, thanks to Maio. It’s not bona fide mayonnaise made by whipping egg yolks and plenty of oil ....more

Sidle Up To The Bar At Bistro Don Giovanni

You know the rare restaurant that always makes you feel warm, welcome and satisfied time and time again — no matter if you’re dining solo, too? That’s Bistro Don Giovanni in Napa to me. I’ve eaten there many times, and never ever had a bad meal ....more

Andrea Nguyen’s Pho Of A Different Sort

There is pho. And then there is pho pancake. Yes, my friends, get ready for something all together different and delicious ....more

Oui Oui to These French Sable Cookies

BUTTER! I had to type that in bold all caps — with an exclamation mark — just to emphasize how incredibly buttery tasting these cookies are. La Mere Poulard cookies were first baked in 1888 by Annette Poulard, the local baker’s wife in Mont Saint-Michel, France at the inn she opened ....more

Can’t Get Enough of Lamb Meatloaf with Mushroom Pan Gravy

After making and eating plenty of meatloaf over the years, I can unequivocally declare that this is definitely one of the very best. “Lamb Meatloaf with Mushroom Pan Gravy” is from the new cookbook, “Poole’s: Recipes and Stories From A Modern Diner” (Ten Speed Press), of which I received a review copy, by Chef Ashley Christensen. Her Poole’s Diner ...more