Miraculous Minute-Oatmeal Puffs in the Microwave

With school back in swing, mornings are even more hectic than usual. There’s no excuse to skimp on breakfast, though. Not when you can make a whole-grain one loaded with fiber, protein, calcium, and fruit in a microwave in a flash ....more

Easy Drinking Vinho Verde

I’ve been intrigued by Vinho Verde since taking an illuminating wine class a couple years ago at the International Culinary Center in Campbell. Among the discussions we got into was the best wine to accompany sushi. I’d had my share of sake, Sauvignon Blanc and Chablis with my nigiri ....more

April Bloomfield’s “If-It-Ain’t-Broke Eggplant Caponata”

She may be most know for her gutsy nose-to-tail cooking. But celebrated New York Chef April Bloomfield wants you to know she’s equally equipped with root-to-shoot flair. Her first cookbook, “A Girl and Her Pig” (Ecco, 2012) may have been meat-centric ....more

A Taste of Korean Walnut Pastry

I am drawn to bakeries. What can I say? So even after gorging one evening on fried chicken at Vons in Sunnyvale (a must-try for the “crispy” chicken, by the way), I still felt compelled to stop in at a bakery steps away in the same strip mall on El Camino Real ....more

Get Ready For A Feast Of Greens — And A Food Gal Giveaway

Perk up summer salads with a zesty vinaigrette of California olive oil, late harvest Viognier-honey vinegar and mustard made with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It’s easy to do so with Gift A Feast, a San Francisco company that sources local gourmet products, wraps them up in a pretty package, then ships nationwide with a hand-written note attached. I had a chance ...more

You’re In Good Hands At San Francisco’s Omakase

Chef Jackson Yu hails from Beijing. As such, he knows how to cook Chinese food. But he decided long ago to ply his skills in a much different cuisine: sushi ....more

Munchery — A Game-Changer

It’s not often that I review a product that so exceeds my expectations that my jaw just drops in awe. But Munchery is that rare find. Established in San Francisco in 2010, the meal-delivery service was started by two guys working in tech who found it a challenge to feed their young families well under today’s demanding time constraints ....more

Add Robert Mondavi Cab to That BBQ Sauce, Why Don’t You? (Plus A Food Gal Giveaway)

What’s better than sipping a nice wine while enjoying a summer backyard barbecue? Adding some of that wine to the actual barbecue sauce, that’s what. And that’s exactly what Woodbridge Wines by Robert Mondavi has done ....more

Sacramento — America’s Farm-To-Fork-Capital

When one thinks of California’s top food cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles come to mind immediately. As for Sacramento? Not nearly so readily ....more

Introducing a Revolutionary New Product — Coffee Flour

Did you know that for every pound of coffee beans produced, there’s nearly an equal amount of waste created? Coffee Flour aims to tackle that immense problem. It is the first company to dry and finely mill that pulp waste on a large scale to create a type of flour that has five times the fiber of whole wheat ...more