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I am a full time wife & mommy. I love yard sales, curb finds, DIY and all things thrifty, and I'm always on the hunt for low cost ways to make this place feel like home. I am a college graduate, cooking amateur, decorating enthusiast, and daughter of the King.  I might sometimes eat cookies for breakfast and listen to Christmas music in June. I love supporting and caring for my family, and want to be the best steward I can with what we have- which has led to all kinds of fun adventures in cloth diapering, bargain hunting, sewing, and lots of DIY home improvement endeavors!

There and Back Again: Our Tale of Minimal Living

So we moved. Again. We're tired and digging our way out of boxes, but we are so ....more

Moving On

We moved. I spent the few weeks leading it up to it in denial, and refusing to think about it. But now it's done ....more

Long Sleeve Rag Doll Dress

So far this week we've made an adorable rag doll and my favorite doll dress for her. Today we're making another dress that is super simple and super versatile! This dress (the pink one) is reversible so it's like two dresses in one! ...more

Rag Doll Dress Tutorial

Every good rag doll needs at least a few outfits. So today we're making my favorite rag doll dress! This dress has a tank-style top with a separate skirt piece so you can make it two-toned like the dress on the right ....more

Rag Doll Tutorial

Last year was the boys' first Christmas with a little girl cousin. And when the big brother spotted a stuffed doll at the mall, he thought she just had to have it. But ohmygoodness, that was an expensive little stuffed toy ....more

Camping Playset with Felt and Peg People {pattern & tutorial}

At Christmas I made a cute little camping set for one of our stockings, but I was just thinking it would also be a great little homemade goodie for an Easter basket! So let's make one! All you need are some peg figures, felt, and a little paint ....more

Hand Warmers & Heat Pack Gift Set

We've had some nice, warm days blowing through the Midwest this winter. We even spent one Saturday in January at the zoo when the temp hit almost 60! Then February rolled around ....more

Easiest Adjustable Apron Tutorial

When my sister got married I promised to make her an apron. Every new wife needs a good apron, right? Unfortunately I always like to make things harder for myself and make up my own pattern ....more

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

We've almost finished our Christmas shopping and we were about to start wrapping the pile of presents stuffed in our closet when I realized... we didn't have any gift tags! Now, I've been known to do the old Sharpie on the Wrapping Paper technique, but we had such pretty paper this year that I really wanted some nice tags to go with it ....more

Easiest Fleece Bunny Tutorial - Sewing with Kids

A few weeks ago I was picking up some fabric for another project and as we passed the fleece Big Brother said "Oh! Can I get some of this fuzzy blue?" I told him I didn't think we needed any and we should keep moving. But then he said "But I need to make something for our baby!" How can I say no to that? ...more