Book Reviews January 2016

The Dead Hour...more

Day-Off Cake


Blizzard of '16

We all enjoyed the big snowstorm here last week....more

Three And A Half

Owen will be 3.5 in a couple of weeks, and I’ve decided that I really do like this age....more

Owenisms in January

Owen was running around at the playground and at one point passed a father on the play structure and said:...more

Holiday Baking Continued Into January

Owen and I did a lot of baking in preparation for the holidays....more

Book Reviews: December 2015

Everybody Rise...more

Holiday Card...Or Lack Thereof

What with one thing and another, I’m thinking I won’t have time to put out a holiday card this year....more

Dorothy's News

We have been suffering a series of small calamities these days, including one regarding Miss Dorothy....more

November 2015 Book Reviews

The Blood Spiltby Asa Larsson....more