Over the past few months, Owen’s language skills have really accelerated....more

Our Cherry Tree

One of my favorite things about our house is the old cherry tree in the front. ...more

Spring in Philadelphia

One of the good things about where I work in Philadelphia is that I can walk to get lunch at Whole Foods on occasion, and to get there I can take the tiny cobbled streets which are from Ben Franklin's time. ...more

O Mighty Huntress!

One of us has a lot to sing about! Last Sunday, I was playing up in my bedroom with Owen, when Miss Posy Fern strutted into the room...holding a mouse! ...more

Several Generations of Haircuts

Owen had not had a haircut since November, during which he was most upset, although came out looking quite handsome at the end. ...more


The woman who lived in our house before us was quite a gardener. ...more

Book Reviews April 2015

The Girl On The Train...more

Owen and his Animals

When Owen arrived in our household, there were already five of us living here:...more


For a long time this fall, Owen’s favorite event to talk about was the time when Pa dropped his fork on the ground....more

Owen and Books

As I have mentioned in previous entries, Owen isn’t yet the bookworm that I figured any child of mine would naturally be....more