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I am a professor and college administrator in the Dallas, TX area. I spend my time in and outside of the professional world reading books, writing about them, and discussing them. I think that's the readerly jackpot! I am also an avid blogger and social networker. I enjoy crafting, cooking, spending time with family, and spoiling my dog. Expect kitsch, snark, temper tantrums, diatribes, and inspired blather.

I blog at Estella's Revenge.



20 Books for Summer, but More Like 13

Sometimes grabbing a stack of books off my shelves and limiting the overwhelming number of choices REALLY works for me. Sometimes it fails hardcore. We'll see what happens this summer ....more

Too Many Books Collecting Dust

This post originally ran here....more

Personally: Sunday Funday!

Well, hi! I was in the mood to write, and even though I haven't done a lot of reading, it's been an eventful week.I'm right in the middle of the transition from the regular semester to summer, so there's lots of grading to be done. One of my online classes completely finished up this week ....more

Dewey's Mini Challenge: Six Word Story

In the spirit of six-word...more

April 2017 Real Truth Readathon Post

The Beginning:5:50 am - Up before the alarm. Whoa, is that a headache? Ugh....more

Readathon Week!

Readathon is back again! This is our 9 and a halfth year! That means TEN YEARS in October! ...more

Day in the Life: A Year After Quitting My Full-Time Job

Best friends. 6:30 am - Alarm goes off. Hubs, followed closely by Daisy the dog, goes and pulls the boy out of bed and brings him, hanging by his feet (at his constant request), into the living room to wake up ....more

Is This the Goodbye Post?

I was sitting on the couch yesterday, bored. Not interested in books. Not interested in the bookternet ....more

Doable Daily Action and a Catch-Up

Well hello there! It's Monday, I'm sitting here with my second cup of coffee. My husband is out of town, I got kiddo to school successfully, and I'm thinking about my day.My night classes are on break for another week ....more

Running Journal 1: Don't Call It a Comeback

A couple of weeks ago, my husband came barrelling through the kitchen with his planner in hand with a look of purpose on his face. When I asked what he was up to, he said, "I'm going to run the Fox Fest 5K in May."Whut?So back up to the end of August 2016. The ridiculously hot weather completely zapped my energy and will to run, and I started to fade in my regular running practice ....more