Decor Adventures

Hi I’m Jessica, welcome to Decor Adventures. I live in Upstate New York in an old Colonial home built in 1900 with my husband, Dan. By day I’m a Ph.D. student and new mom, but by night I’m a knee-pad wearing, drill-wielding, spray painting do-it-yourselfer.
Decor Adventures is my way of creating a beautiful home while having a great time along the way. Here you will find furniture makeovers, DIY, home improvement how to, and lots of tips and tricks to making your home a beautiful, meaningful place.

40 Easy Thrift Store Makeovers

One of the things us DIY bloggers are known for is taking thrift store finds, whether it be furniture, knick knacks or other things, and making them over into beautiful items for your home. So when we get challenges to do just that, we say YES! Bring on the makeovers ....more

How to Grout Pebble Tile

In our house we are lucky enough to have a bathroom in the basement. Not exactly common in many houses, but since we have a laundry room down there and all of our tools and DIY...more

How to Really Clean Your Kitchen in 8 Steps + Free Checklist

You know that feeling you get when your house is super clean, all the laundry is done and you’ve put away...more

2015 Year in Review

Welcome to my year in review! 2015 has been an amazing and unbelievable 12 months for me and this blog. Every year brings opportunities and memories both in our blogs and life and this one was no exception ....more

DIY Holiday Monthly Dry Erase Planner

I’m into dry erase boards these days. I’m not even sure why since they’ve been around for a long while (clearly I am behind the office-supply times). ...more

DIY Room Deodorizers

My daughter wears cloth diapers. You don’t have to be a mom to know that dirty diapers can get SMELLY. We tried all the different diaper pails that are supposed to keep the odor at bay, but none of them worked ....more

DIY Outdoor Plywood Holiday Trees

Today is filled with a ton of holiday decorating ideas for you, but instead of for inside, the Behr Paint DIY Experts have come up with a bunch of outdoor projects. And just in time for December so before the weather turns terrible, you can create some of these at your own home. I made these...more

Home Paint Colors Abstract Art

This past weekend was so relaxing that I got to dive into some of the hobbies I save up for rainy days, like painting, weaving and scrapbooking. Since I had some time to change up some of the decor in our room, I got to make this new home paint colors abstract art for our bedroom. Making art for your home can be both scary and exhilarating once you learn that you aren’t terrible at it ....more

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths + Home Depot DIY Workshop

This post is sponsored by the Home Depot. All opinions are my own. Hello! ...more