Hi I'm Wenderly! Mom & wife that loves everything creative! I love to inspire and believe in savoring every. single. moment...whether it be a morsel of delicous food, a gorgeous fresh boquet of flowers in my foyer or a magnificent sunset. I'm blogging about "Savoring the Art of Living ".

Easy Yeast Rolls

Once you see how tasty and beautiful these easy yeast rolls are they’ll become a family staple for holidays, special events or even a weeknight dinner. For years my mom’s gorgeous yeast rolls have adorned every single family gathering that I can remember. They’re always...more

White Cranberry Martini

Entertain family and friends with a white cranberry martini for the holidays! This festive cocktail will add a beautiful sparkle to any gathering. It’s been a white Christmas around here as of late and I just had to continue the merriment with a festive twist on the traditional red cranberry martini and make a white...more

Favorite Snowball Cookies Recipe

This favorite snowball cookies recipe has been a family go to since I was a little girl. They’re a delicious addition to any holiday cookie platter. Have you ever tasted one of these darling snowball cookies? ...more

Easy Gingerbread House

This easy gingerbread house will inspire your children and your inner child, to relish in the magical moments of childhood without all the stress and mess. There’s no reason not to make an easy gingerbread house with your kids (or by yourself) this year! All you’ll need are a few simple items and a big dose of imagination! ...more

DIY Snow Globes

You’ll fall in love with these DIY snow globes. You’ll feel as if you’re peering through the glass of a window pane into a winter wonderland. There’s just something so magical about catching a glimpse of the new fallen snow through a cold glass window pane ....more

Christmas Decorations :: The Mantle

Embellish your fireplace mantle with white feathered Christmas decorations and vintage ice skates for a gorgeous winter wonderland theme. I’ve been decorating my home with a white Christmas theme this year I just couldn’t bare to leave my mantle undone! I found some dear vintage skates that I showcased in an old white frame and then surrounded them with a couple of white feather trees and finished it off with a white feather boa and two white poinsettias ....more

Christmas Decorations :: White Feather Table

All white Christmas decorations on your table make your guests feel like they’ve entered an enchanted winter wonderland. White feathered trees, candles resting in sparkling sugar and a soft marabou boa snow drifts ensure a dreamy white Christmas inside your house this year for sure! I’ve had such fun with my all white Christmas decorations that I think I’ll have a white Christmas every year from now on! ...more

Christmas Decorations :: Wreath Place Cards

White feather wreath place cards add elegance to your table Christmas decorations and can also be used as gift tags. I’m always dreaming of a white Christmas, aren’t you? All of the snow and sparkle that Bing Crosby so dreamily sings about seems to float around in my head as I pull all my Christmas decorations together ....more

Christmas Tree Traditions :: Tree Present

Decorating our Christmas tree is a treasured family tradition. We cherish rediscovering collected ornaments that make a simple tree transform into something magical. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the Christmas tree trimming tradition ....more

Chocolate Candy Cane Bread. My new favorite holiday go to! (It’s on the blog if you want the recipe) #chocolate #christmas #yum

Browse all Wenderly Instagram Posts or view on on Instagram. The post Chocolate Candy Cane Bread. My new favorite holiday go to! ...more