Tangy Chocolate Cheesecake

I never intended to go this long without updating the blog, but here we are, a month after my last post. We had a pretty busy Holiday season (who doesn’t?) and now I’m even busier if that’s possible, since 2014 is the last year I have to finish my dissertation and I’m also teaching a class this semester. Basically, my updates will probably be pretty sporadic and erratic from now on until… well, I’m not sure ....more

Khorasan Wheat vs. “Normal” Chocolate Chip Cookies

We’ve now been home for a week or so and have already settled in. The last few weeks in Boston were crazy, so I apologize for my lack of posts / answer in comments. Hopefully everything will go back to normal with the new year ....more

More Boston Recommendations

I took an unexpected hiatus, but I’m back with a few more Boston recommendations before our stay here ends in a couple of weeks – it flew by so fast! Taza Chocolate Factory Tour...more

Fall Wish List

I thought I’d switch things up this week after the radio silence, and just to break all the weekend recaps for a bit. Plus my birthday and the holidays are creeping up after all… ONE //...more

Eating Our Way Through Boston

So I’m thinking of temporarily renaming the blog to Eating Through Boston or something like that. Not really, but it would be kind of appropriate considering that’s exactly what we’ve been doing lately. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last talked about our (mostly) weekend plans here, so I thought I’d catch up… then I realized it’s mostly talking about food ....more

Pumpkin Parade Favorites

To end the round up of the Pumpkin Parade posts, here’s a couple of my favorites from the Link Party. First off we have Burlap Pumpkins from Daisy Mae Belle. I thought these were super adorable, easy to do, and I especially love that they’re burlap bags you can fill with candy ....more

Pumpkin Parade Link Party

After all the Pumpkin Parade goodness this week, it’s now time...more

Lettered Pumpkins

Welcome to the second day of the week long Pumpkin Parade! I’m posting along with A Swell Place to Dwell and Newly Woodwards. I’ve only spent one Halloween in the US and that was back when I was a kid, so needless to say I was very excited to be here this year and be a part of the Pumpkin Parade ....more

Weekend Trip to Montreal + Pumpkin Parade Link Party Announcement

Before I dive into the details of our trip, a small announcement. In honor of fall / halloween, a bunch of bloggers have come together for a Pumpkin Parade next week, which will end with a link party on Friday. Anything pumpkin related is okay – a decorated pumpkin for Halloween, a craft, a pumpkin recipe or anything that requires a pumpkin! ...more

Weekend Catch Up

First things first: we have a winner for last week’s $200 gift card giveaway, “Cape on the Corner”. So check your e-mail! It’s been a couple of weeks since I talked about what we’ve been doing here in Boston, so I thought it was time to catch up ....more