Veronika's Blushing

My name is Veronika and I'm mom to sweet baby girl Harper Reese and proud wife to my husband Kevin. I work full time as a public relations professional in the healthcare industry and I love my job. 

I was born in Slovakia. My parents and I escaped communism when I was just three years old and we moved to Canada where I lived, went to school and graduated from college. That's when I met my husband and moved to the place I now call home- Houston, Texas.

I always loved all things pretty growing up, and having modeled when I was in Toronto, I loved fashion.

After our 2009 wedding, I decided to start blogging when my inbox was flooded with emails about my hair, makeup, etc. I wanted to share all of my favorite things, tips and tricks in one place and develop relationships with like-minded women so we could share our love for all of the girly things we loved.

I also focus on personal style, showcasing my daily outfits and I love sharing our home decor and DIY projects. Recently, I've ben blogging about motherhood as well!

My husband and I have a shi-tzu/miniature poodle mix , Lulu, and and we are so delighted to be blessed by recently becoming parents to our first daughter.

Friday Fun

I've been working some extended evenings and weekend hours lately, so I was able to take a comp day today to get a little break and spend some time with family. Kevin took a little time off in the morning too which was nice!We decided to go to the Houston Aquarium since Harper loved the Toronto one and the massive ones at Atlantis. I had forgotten how small the Houston one is and we were through it in 20 minutes, so we worked our way back a couple of times ....more

Love List

I'm trying to be more consistent with these...more

Our Weekend...

Our Saturday started with an early AM play date with sweet little Cami,...more

Austin Retreat

Happy (almost) Friday! I've had a little bit of a crazy work week that also involved a quick trip to Austin for our annual team retreat, so I thought I'd share a few snaps.Though we had two cold and rainy days in Austin, the trip was productive and we even squeezed in a little fun, starting our day with a scavenger hunt via Watson Adventures.The seven of us split up into two teams and walked around the city finding all of the clues and the extra challenges were to take certain photos like "two heads popping out of something" and "ordering or eating food in a strange way." The fun is all in seeing how each team came up with their photo ideas. I snapped most of the photos so I'm just in a few of the 10 or so we had to complete ....more

Recent Purchases...

Hello and happy Monday! Today I'm sharing a round-up of recent purchases. I mentioned in my weekend post that we went to Anthropologie and we picked up another long-legged bird to add to our collection ....more

Our Weekend...

It was finally (after two weeks of cold, rainy and gloomy weather) warm and sunny this weekend and we took advantage of that and spent a ton of time outdoors. One major bonus of living in Houston is our mild winters. Enjoying time outdoors sans snowsuit in January is pretty awesome.Outside time + toddlers = happiness and nice long naps.There's this great park near our house that's always packed and has lots of different play areas plus a stationary train ....more

IKEA's RITVA Curtains in Our Open-Concept Living Room

The story of these curtains is way longer than it should be. Go to store, buy curtains, install.I wish.It all started when I saw my friend Leslie's home for the first time. She has the most gorgeous home (she should seriously become an interior designer) and I saw her curtains and I told her how much I loved them.To my surprise, she told me they were from IKEA of all places! ...more

Love List

Switching it up today and sharing five things I'm loving lately....more

Our Weekend...

A couple of months ago I saw Marissa's new haircut and I just loved it. It prompted me to message her to find out who cut her hair. It turns out that her stylist is someone I've actually known for years--- she was a fellow stylist and friend of my old hairdresser, David (who now lives in Italy), so I used to see her every time I went in! ...more


Happy Tuesday! Lately, I've been wearing my "uniform" of skinny pants, a dress shirt and blazer to work....more