Veronika's Blushing

My name is Veronika and I'm mom to sweet baby girl Harper Reese and proud wife to my husband Kevin. I work full time as a public relations professional in the healthcare industry and I love my job. 

I was born in Slovakia. My parents and I escaped communism when I was just three years old and we moved to Canada where I lived, went to school and graduated from college. That's when I met my husband and moved to the place I now call home- Houston, Texas.

I always loved all things pretty growing up, and having modeled when I was in Toronto, I loved fashion.

After our 2009 wedding, I decided to start blogging when my inbox was flooded with emails about my hair, makeup, etc. I wanted to share all of my favorite things, tips and tricks in one place and develop relationships with like-minded women so we could share our love for all of the girly things we loved.

I also focus on personal style, showcasing my daily outfits and I love sharing our home decor and DIY projects. Recently, I've ben blogging about motherhood as well!

My husband and I have a shi-tzu/miniature poodle mix , Lulu, and and we are so delighted to be blessed by recently becoming parents to our first daughter.

28 Week Bumpdate- Baby #2!

I had an ultrasound scheduled for my 28th week of pregnancy to check on my placenta due to my previous complication, so I thought today would be a good day to share a pregnancy update! Little did I know that on the way to that ultrasound I would be involved in a car accident. First of all--- thank you for all of the sweet comments on IG from you ladies ....more

Summer Poolside Essentials + Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

We're officially in the thick of summer and that means blazing hot temperatures and lots of sunshine. We love going to the pool and splash pad as a family, so I thought I would share what I pack in our pool/beach bag as well as some of things we do at the pool to protect our skin from the insane UV rays. I hate over-packing so I try to keep things pretty simple while still bringing all we need ....more

Beautiful Summer Styles from GoldenTote

Happy Tuesday! There are a lot of subscription boxes/services out there--- from clothes, makeup, jewelry, skincare and fitness/nutrition....more

Our Weekend...

Hey! I hope y'all had a great weekend! It's a bagillion degrees here right now and I will fully admit that getting through the summer with a pregnant belly and 20 extra lbs of weight on your frame isn't as fun as it looks (no, really) ....more

Monday Mints

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! When I was getting ready for work this morning I put on this pair of Kendra Scott earrings and the rest of this minty outfit followed.I wore my gap shirt dress with mint green Kate Spade flats and a faux calf hair leopard print belt ....more

Our Weekend...

Happy Sunday! We had a new little friend join our family this weekend--- well, maybe he's not so little....more


If you popped over to my IG earlier today, you already saw this, but I wanted to share this top here for those who haven't seen.It's part of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale which is open to the public today! At just $21.90 It's a total steal (regularly $34). It's super long, flowy and perfect for hot summer days ....more

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Buy: White Tunic Blouse

Last week I shared some of my favorite Norstrom Anniversary Sale picks and I've already had one of my purchases arrive so I thought I would share it with y'all!I ordered this tunic in white and it's such a steal at $27.90 (versus the $42 regular price) so if you're contemplating it, now's the time to buy before the prices go back up. Mine's a medium, but I think a small would have fit great as well and that's what I would have ordered if I wasn't expecting. ...more

StitchFix: Maternity

When I placed my order for my most recent StitchFix, I requested maternity pieces and/or pieces that would grow with me. I also wanted them to be pieces that would work through summer since the rest of my pregnancy will no doubt involve 80-100 degree temps.The first item in my fix was this adorable navy blue dress. It was comfortable and lightweight but ultimately too short to wear to work, which is what I would want it for, so sadly, I sent it back ....more

Black in Summer?

I get it. It's totally counter intuitive to wear an all-black outfit in the hot heat of summer. But when your top is as lightweight as this one, I promise you won't regret it.I mentioned this top in my weekend post and I wore it to work Monday and it's fantastic ....more