Veronika's Blushing

My name is Veronika and I'm mom to sweet baby girl Harper Reese and proud wife to my husband Kevin. I work full time as a public relations professional in the healthcare industry and I love my job. 

I was born in Slovakia. My parents and I escaped communism when I was just three years old and we moved to Canada where I lived, went to school and graduated from college. That's when I met my husband and moved to the place I now call home- Houston, Texas.

I always loved all things pretty growing up, and having modeled when I was in Toronto, I loved fashion.

After our 2009 wedding, I decided to start blogging when my inbox was flooded with emails about my hair, makeup, etc. I wanted to share all of my favorite things, tips and tricks in one place and develop relationships with like-minded women so we could share our love for all of the girly things we loved.

I also focus on personal style, showcasing my daily outfits and I love sharing our home decor and DIY projects. Recently, I've ben blogging about motherhood as well!

My husband and I have a shi-tzu/miniature poodle mix , Lulu, and and we are so delighted to be blessed by recently becoming parents to our first daughter.

The Slim Pant- Banana Republic's Sloan Slim Ankle Crops on Sale!

There's not much to say about this outfit--- a dress shirt paired with a slim pant is hardly anything to get excited about....more

A Jeweled Collar

Did y'all know that J.Crew changed the design of their No. 2 pencil skirt? What the heck! ...more

Lace + Chambray

I'm having a lot of my favorite work dresses altered at the tailor this week so sign me up for a week full of skirts!This navy blue lace skirt from Zara has been one of my most favorite pieces for a few years now. It's so feminine and easy to wear....more

Our Weekend

I love living in Texas. Believe me, I'm the first to sing the praises of this mostly-sunny-year-round state, but these past few weeks of temps in the 90's and 100's (and about 130 degrees when you get into your car after work) are not good. We had a fun weekend of Harper antics and family time ....more

Harper Reese- 14 Months Old!

We are two weeks into Harper's transition to the toddler room at daycare and it could not be going any better. They are on such a fantastic schedule and they do so many activities. arts and crafts and have twice daily outdoor play.They still have the cameras in her class and I was watching one morning while the teachers put on a full-on puppet show and I thought to myself "these people know what they're doing." I've had so much guilt about being a working mom, but seeing how much fun she has, how engaging the teachers are and how well she's doing is helping quell some of these feelings ....more

The Uniform

Growing up, I went to Catholic school and in high school we wore uniforms. I sometimes hated them, but I'll be the first to admit they made mornings much easier.Two looks have become a uniform for me in the working world--- a simple top tucked into a pencil skirt and a crisp white shirt and skinny dress pants. These combos always makes me feel great and ready to take on the day ....more

A Coral Dress

Coral is a color I don't own a ton of…in fact, I think I have one J.Crew pencil skirt in that color. So when I saw this dress at Gap and tried it on, I knew I had to have it (it's also on sale for less than $40 right now!) Not only does it have a beautiful full skirt, which I've been loving lately, it is so airy and comfortable. I'm planning to add about 2 inches of length to the hem but other than that it's perfect ....more

Beach Vacation + Swimwear Picks!

Y'all I am SO excited--- we just booked a vacation for later this fall! I can't tell you how much I've longed for a vacation. I didn't travel during my pregnancy and though our trip to Toronto was fun, it wasn't the relaxing beach vacation I craved (and it didn't help that I was a hormonal mess for the better part of the trip).The best part of all of this is that I invited my mom and her husband as well as my in-laws to join us and they all said yes! ...more

My Hair Routine + No Heat Styling

Happy Monday! ...more

Our Weekend...

Happy Sunday!...more