Veronika's Blushing

My name is Veronika and I'm mom to sweet baby girl Harper Reese and proud wife to my husband Kevin. I work full time as a public relations professional in the healthcare industry and I love my job. 

I was born in Slovakia. My parents and I escaped communism when I was just three years old and we moved to Canada where I lived, went to school and graduated from college. That's when I met my husband and moved to the place I now call home- Houston, Texas.

I always loved all things pretty growing up, and having modeled when I was in Toronto, I loved fashion.

After our 2009 wedding, I decided to start blogging when my inbox was flooded with emails about my hair, makeup, etc. I wanted to share all of my favorite things, tips and tricks in one place and develop relationships with like-minded women so we could share our love for all of the girly things we loved.

I also focus on personal style, showcasing my daily outfits and I love sharing our home decor and DIY projects. Recently, I've ben blogging about motherhood as well!

My husband and I have a shi-tzu/miniature poodle mix , Lulu, and and we are so delighted to be blessed by recently becoming parents to our first daughter.

Recent Outfits...

Sometimes when I don't have time to snap photos outside, I still take some quick mirror shots before heading to work in the morning.Here are a few recent outfits and also some fitting room photos! dress- banana republic (other striped dress options- 1 ...more

ELARI Diaper Wallet Review + Promo Code

When Harper was an infant, I became easily overwhelmed at just the thought of leaving the house with her. Maybe it was the round-the-clock pumping and fear of diaper blowouts (and there were many)...or maybe it was just the sheer amount of STUFF I thought I needed to have with me just to get her out of the house. First time mom, all the way.Nowadays, leaving the house is easy and we aren't as crazy about brining so much stuff with us ....more

Our Weekend...

Happy Sunday! This weekend we celebrated the birthday of one of my husband's friend's sons who turned 4! Happy birthday Bryan! ...more

Recent Purchases...

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing some items that came in the mail recently from Zara and Banana Republic. I got some adorable tops and a skirt for Harper from Zara's baby line ....more

For the Beach Two...

Over the weekend I shared with y'all a super cute cover-up I purchased for our upcoming trip to the Bahamas.I recently found this adorable dress at Topshop @Nordstrom so I thought I would share this one too. It looks quite muted in these photos, but it really shimmers and is more striking in person.I love the way this dress looks with a tan and it's sort of looser-fitting which is nice for a beachy climate. dress- topshop @ nordstrom (similar also by topshop here) ...more

Harper Reese- 15 Months Old!

Harper's 15 month update is way late…but I love documenting her progress each month and sharing all of the new things she's up to.The days of Harper crying when I leave her class are over. Now, she happily runs inside and is all "see ya, mom."She just loves her little class, her teachers and her friends. She's learning so much every day and I'm always surprised by new things she's doing ....more

Target Up & Up Everyday Personal Care Products Review + Giveaway

For the last two years, I’ve been using many up & up brand products from Target. I’m a diehard fan of their moisturizing body wash, oil-free eye makeup remover, cotton rounds, cotton swabs and nail polish remover. These are staples in my skin, body and nail care routines- they’re a great value and quality and the products do what they say they will ....more

Our Weekend...

This weekend was fun, but I'm exhausted…more so than anytime in recent memory. As I mentioned in a previous post, work was crazy this past week and I've been working a lot from home in the evenings and over the weekend. It's to the point where I can barely keep my eyes open and I'm going to crash way early tonight (I actually took a cat nap on the couch before I wrote this post).Saturday morning we had the brilliant idea to go for an early walk and take Harper to the park ....more

For The Beach...

Our Bahamas vacation isn't until later this fall, but I'm stocking up on some beach and resort-wear essentials now, because they're all on sale as fall styles hit stores. I discovered this GORGEOUS cover-up by Bop Basics while browsing on mean, how amazing is the low back and lace? And the slit?...more

On Being A Working Mom- Guest Blogging at Southern Mama + Child

Happy Friday! Today, I'm guest-blogging over at Southern Mama + Child...more