Tortie Tuesday

Although all kitties are works of art, last Tuesday our mommy went to the Portland Art Museum to see an art piece of kitties. It's Carl Kahler's painting called "My Wife's Lovers." ...more

Tortie Tuesday

Nothing has been redecorated in Daddy's mancave yet since Daddy has vetoed Mommy's ideas so far. I'm thinking as long as me and Daddy are in there, it's purrfect the way it is! I love being Daddy's Girl! ...more

Hard Work Pays Off

Because of all my hard work helping Mommy with tax returns, she got me an after tax season bonus... It's a flying Neko fly! It's supposed to be nearly indestructible since I'm known for deading flying toys within days.. ....more


Happiness is a warm sisfur... Yep, we're so cute mommy can hardly stand it! Hope you have a happy, cuddly kind of weekend! ...more

Thankful Thursday

Our friend Sandee from Comedy Plus posts what she's thankful for on Thursdays so we thought we'd give it a try here too. One thing we're thankful for is that we're going to meet Sandee in purrson this summer! I will even probably come out of hiding so she can pet me ....more

Tortie Tuesday

You know, yesterday my little sisfur made it seem like she worked so hard snoopervising Mommy changing things up in Daddy's mancave. What she didn't mention was that I worked the hardest snoopervising both of them... I just make it look easy ....more

Weekend Wrap Up

After a relaxing week we thought we'd have a relaxing weekend too but nooooo. Somemommy decided it was time to change things up in Daddy's mancave. Of course I had to snoopervise.. ....more

Happy Earth Day!

We're ending a wonderfully relaxing week celebrating Earth Day. All week we've enjoyed sunpuddles, fresh air and the sound of birdies from open windows... It's been so glorious ....more

Tortie on Tax Day

Today is the official end of tax season and as we said last week, Mommy was supposed to go to Colorado and we were going to have a week off. Well, thanks to Mommy being a worry wart Mother Nature, she canceled her trip to stay home with us because of a snow storm in Denver... She was looking forward to the after tax season party but we're glad she's home with us and Daddy ....more

Tax Time is Almost Over!

I'm thankful that many things will change after tax season such as helping Mommy work in the office so much. One thing I won't miss is when she tells me I make a better door than a window... What the heck does that mean? ...more