Puff Pastry Rolls With Kale, Ricotta, & Feta

Puff pastry is one ingredient I always have on hand in my freezer. You can do so much with it from appetizers to desserts, and it can turn simple ingredients into something sublime. I have been playing around with puff pastry and greens recently, creating bite sized savory delights that I serve with soups, or [...] ...more

Raw Cauliflower Salad With Radicchio, Pistachios, & Golden Raisins

I am very particular about where I dine out, especially when it comes to Italian cuisine. I have to admit though, when you live in Italy six months every year like we do, you tend to become Italian cuisine snobs. Honestly though, when you know what “real” Italian food tastes like, sometimes the dishes served [...] ...more

Italian Wine Tasting Evening With The Angelini Family

Early last week, we set our two large tables, lit all the candles, and opened our doors to twenty-four wine loving friends. The event at our home was a wine tasting dinner hosted by the Angelini family, who are wine merchants from Spello, a small Umbrian town about thirty minutes from our farmhouse. The idea [...] ...more

Butternut Squash Carbonara Pasta

I love butternut squash and could eat it daily if there weren’t so may other delicious ingredients to work with. I also adore a truly good bowl of carbonara pasta, and although I have posted recipes for creamy Butternut Squash Pasta as well as my favorite Pasta Carbonara, I have never tried combining the two [...] ...more

Apricot Oat Bars

This past week started out great, but unfortunately went downhill very quickly. We had a sit down wine tasting dinner at our house on Monday for twenty-four, hosted by the Angelini family from Spello, Umbria. The dinner went extremely well and the wines served by the Angelini family were some of the best Italy has [...] ...more

Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

Simple buttery shortbread cookies are wonderful year round and I always bake some type of shortbread every Christmas for my cookie tray. This year I decided to use a heart cutout and after they were baked, I dipped these tasty cookies in dark chocolate. I prefer dark chocolate to other types, and I had bought [...] ...more

Pizza Napoli {Pizza With Anchovies}

Pizza is a big deal in my house. We have pizza ovens in both our house in Umbria, Italy as well as our house in Florida and enjoy making our own pizza at home at least once a week. Over the holidays with all of our family here visiting, we ended up having pizza twice [...] ...more

CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Maker and Flour + Water Cookbook Contest Giveaway

Making homemade pasta is one of my personal favorite kitchen activities. The options are endless whether you are making stuffed pasta, cut pasta such as fettucine, or simply making delicate egg noodles for a wonderful lasagna. You can flavor your pasta dough with a myriad of different ingredients, and when it comes to sauces, your [...] ...more

Flour + Water

This is one of my favorite cookbooks of ...more

Whipped Feta Dip With Tomatoes & Olives

Over the holidays I have a house full of family members who all love to eat so I am always looking for unique, delicious recipes my family will love. On Christmas Day, we eat a big breakfast and plan an early dinner, so in between I prepare a few snacks to keep everyone happy. I [...] ...more