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I'm Ann from where I blog about nature inspired creativity for kids plus some practical mom stuff too. My life long passion for art and my twenty years experience as a product designer has provided me with the skills and process I draw on for my posts and illustrated stories. I live on Cape Cod with my musical husband and inquisitive kids. I love being a mom and exploring, learning, and creating together!

Americanly Review and Shooting Star Garland

Patriotic Picture Book and Paper Craft I was thrilled when Melanie Hope Greenberg asked me to review the new picture book she illustrated for Kane Miller Publishing! AMERICANLY, written by Lynn Parrish Sutton, is a celebration of America and all the wonderful things it had to offer. It is also a celebration of adverbs as each American feature is described with a rich and endearing adverb ....more

Mushroomy Fun

There are mushrooms galore outside these days thanks to all the rain we’ve had. Mushrooms seem to...more

Cardboard Dollhouse Inspiration

I hope you had a great summer. We sure did and...more

Frog Jumping Day Book and Craft

It is my turn again to share the Picture Book of the Day and today’s is going to be super short and sweet because I am right in the middle of a big work project. In fact this is almost a guest post by my son because today’s pic is one of his...more

A Celebration of Trees Book and Craft

Today is my turn to share the...more

Puddles Book and Art

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Today is my turn...more

Waking up from a Nightmare

We are waking up from a nightmare or starting to. A couple months ago my eight year old son came home from religious education sick. He felt too sick to eat after learning about free will in preparation for the sacrament of reconciliation ....more

Parkinson’s Pranks

Parkinson’s plays pranks...more

Invention Biography and Game

Today is my turn again to share the Picture Book of the Day and my pick is MARVELOUS MATTIE written and illustrated by...more

Fringe Bag Crochet Pattern

Bags are fun and easy to make and great beginner projects! Here is one I really wanted to have done in time for the holidays...more