Four feelings I have never had: 1. Just Happy to Be Here

I'm reading a book, Devil at my Heels, by Louis Zamperini. It's a good book and he has an interesting story. He was a bit of a juvenile delinquent who became an Olympic runner and then was a prisoner of war during WW II.When he writes about the Olympics (he placed 8th) he says how great it felt to take part, what a great experience it was ....more

There Isn't A Single Turning Point

Very seldom do I write or talk about my childhood, because, what's the point, really? A wise person once said , "There's no point in having the same thought more than once unless you enjoy having that thought." Well, I definitely don't enjoy thinking about when I was young.Last night, I went to a screening of American Street Kid - it's not widely available yet, but if you have a chance to go to see it - GO! A lot of what happened in the film was very familiar to me ....more

Lessons learned hard : Live a life of the truth

In the next few days, I am supposed to speak at two youth summits and submit an outline for a book on my life to a literary agent. At first, I thought, to quote a wise young woman,...more

U.S. Sports Organizations Will Actually Have to Report Sexual Abuse Under a New Law

It's probably unbelievable to you, because you, dear reader, are a normal person and not immoral, self-serving scum, that it is NOT necessarily a policy to report or take any action when an underage athlete is sexually abused by a coach, manager or other staff member associated with our Olympic or other national teams. Sickening to hear, isn't it? Well, it's about damn time that changes...more

Asking for Advice (and help): How Do We Get People to Know about Us?

Usually when I am writing this blog I am giving advice - and, believe me, I am just brimming with advice. However, today, I'm asking for it - advice, that is.We started 7 Generation Games a few years ago with very little money - a Small Business Innovation Research grant, a Kickstarter campaign. As with any prototype, our first game was buggy and rough ....more

For Fuck's Sake, Quit Letting Fear Control Your Life

An interviewer asked me, ...more

Judo stunt workout

Friday it was pouring rain in Los Angeles. Not many kids came to practice and I can't blame them. Some of our kids ride their bikes or skateboard to get to practice and we got several inches of rain ....more

Manny Gamburyan Gives Private Clinic for Gompers Judo

I've seen Manny Gamburyan coach kids many times and I know what a rapport he has with kids like our Gompers Judo team - that is, they are attentive, respectful and interested in learning judo. When I heard he was available for private lessons and clinics, I contacted him the same day. I often hear judo coaches complain about the difficulty of retaining teenagers in the sport but I don't always see them making an effort to understand what might be of interest to that age group ....more

Choking Makes Me Happy

I'm not sure why this choking drill made me so happy on Friday, but it did. Maybe it is because it reminded me of when I taught it to my daughter, Ronda, when she as that age.Maybe it reminded me of all of the times my friend, Tina Thomas, and I ran through it at Venice Dojo just for the hell of it...more

Government Bureaucrats are Braver Than Me

I've worked with federal employees for most of the past thirty years. I have found most of them to be conscientious, competent and sincere in their belief that they are working for the good of their country. This stereotype of people raking in huge salaries doing very little work has never fit with my experience.So, I'm not a big hater on government bureaucrats, but still, "brave" was one of the last adjectives I'd use to describe them.Most people I've seen who spend a career in big government, big business, big universities or any other "big" go along to get along ....more