Blog Post Planner | Printable

This one is for my fellow bloggers that have a million ideas, but no organized way...more

Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki

One amazing perk of growing up overseas was the access to all sorts of amazing Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai...more

99 Problems

Gah! Make all the tech issues staaaaaahp! I’m neck deep in routine blog related tech stuff that just keeps taking a wrong turn and now I’m back at square one ....more

Sort Save Splurge | Day 30

We did it! We’re finally on day 30. It’s time to clear out the sentimental clutter ....more

Monthly Budget | Printable

Although my husband and I use our online banking accounts to organize our finances and figure out what we spent...more

Sort Save Splurge | Day 29

Ahh! I’m so guilty of keeping a messy car. The front seats and glove compartment are clean, but the back seats are DISGUSTING....more

Sort Save Splurge | Day 28

Late night post for ya. Going to keep it quick. Time to clean and organize your basements, attics, and any other storage spaces you have ....more

WIAW | Pretty Pictures Edition

I rarely do these sort of posts. Mostly because my diet consists of caesar salad and cookies on a daily basis. I’m predictable....more

Korean Beef Bulgogi Bowls

Although I do love pasta and pizza, Korean food will always be my favorite. It’s in my hapa blood and...more

Sort Save Splurge | Day 27

Today has been full of technical difficulties. Self hosted bloggers can commiserate in my frustration. I’m going to keep this short and sweet while I figure out what is going on with my server… again ....more