Giveaway! Vertiges and Tempo tickets at Montreal’s Planetarium

espace pour la vie Vertiges Woah. Dude. Papa and I went to the Montreal Planetarium the other night ....more

Making salt clay Christmas tree ornaments

It’s starting to feel like Christmas! There’s snow on the ground and I’ve started buying gifts. The trees not yet up but I’m hoping to change that this afternoon ....more

AppleCheeks Delishmas Giveaway!

A year and a half ago, I was a bit of a mess. I was at the height of my PPD/anxiety. I was scared to leave the house with my two kids ....more

Help build the Peace Cafe!

Building community Caffè della Pace: Peace Cafe. How beautiful does that sound? A space in Montreal that will provide prenatal classes, breastfeeding support, community, a warm place where women from all over can find friendship ....more

Sweet Sleep book review and Giveaway

I wasn’t so sure when I saw the title of the book, “Sweet Sleep.” Great. Another book about sleep by “experts,” I thought. Many of the books published these days tend to be variations of Ferber and Cry it Out ....more

The tooth about Bug

This boy, a few months from being two is just about as awesome as it gets. He’s hilarious and so smart. He loves dancing and sings mantras with me ....more

That’s a wrap! Homemade pizza night (FlatOut giveaway!)

I have two sisters. There are 15 years between them, and coming from a blended family, we rarely all lived together at the same time. I actually don’t even know if they ever lived together ....more

All aboard the fun express! Our amazing trip to Exporail

The first thing I thought when we arrived at Exporail: Why on Earth aren’t there more people here? ...more

Giveaway! The Great Pumpkin Ball

Today was our third annual trip to The Great Pumpkin Ball. Much like the lanterns, the older she gets, the more Babe appreciates the pumpkins. We first took her when she was Bug’s age and Bug was in utero ....more

Prenatal excercise ideas

Guest post by Ajay of Prenatal yoga @ Studio Bliss Photo by Jenn Hardy So the stork is going to visit and you are very happy about it. While pregnant you are snowballed by a lot of advice, tips on how to take care of yourself and the baby, what to do and what not to do. Well, you can definitely add exercising to your “what to do list.” You can absolutely exercise during pregnancy ....more