It's time for a break...

Gosh.I guess it's been, what...? 4 years? I'm not sure I realized that until just now.Ha ....more

Oh, Christmas Tree.

We made some serious progress after the feast yesterday... After 2 tree stands and 4 sappy hands, our tree is officially up.We'll look back and laugh one day.Surely ....more

bits about us: and the Christmas catalog

These two. Out of curiosity, I put this out the other day...wondering what might happen. And of course, it didn't take long before there was more marker than paper showing.. ....more

The $10 Curtain

I gotta tell you, I really had no idea how this was going to turn out... but now that it's all said and done, I love it.Like, really love it.But because, I wasn't all too sure about what in the world they would look like, I bought the curtains from IKEA. This picture actually shows 4 panels (since 2 panels come in a pack), but I only used 2 panels for this project ....more

bits about us: at the table

Now, let me just preface by saying, Ross was (and still is) an eater. Of course she's skeptical, and vegetables are the last thing on her list, but she'll eat... Gram, however...takes it up a few notches ....more

Christmas? Already?

Yes. But, for the record, I did get the curtains done. Although, as you all know, things happen ....more

Flea Find

This was one of those purchases that I didn't actually...more

bits about us: in the kitchen

One of the best things about having a four year old, is that they can finally cook! And, I don't mean just sprinkle sprinkles and cut out cookies...I mean really cook! Cooking has always been one of my most favorite memories as a child...and doing it with your own really takes it to a whole new level ....more

The Girl's Room: the window wall

As you enter Ross's room, you look directly at a wall of windows....more

Flea Find

One of my most favorite finds from last week had to have been these sweet, little crocheted hangers. ...more