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My name is Shulie, I  live in the DC area for most of my life but I was born and raised in Israel. My cultural background is eclectic, Indian, Jewish and Mediterranean. I am a recipe developer, food, travel and a cultural writer and a food photographer. I am the author of 

Akko (Acre), Israel Food & Travel; Photographic Tour & Some Words

El Babor Restaurant, Akko (Acre), Israel While we were visiting Israel at the end of the summer last year we went on a short weekend getaway up north. We stayed in Haifa. Read more » ...more

Tel Aviv & Southern Israel Food & Travel; Photographic Tour & Some Words

My 24 year old niece with her favorite Strawberry Banana Date Pri (fruit) shake, Shenkin St., Tel Aviv/Nikon Our last trip to Israel in June 2014 (already seems so long ago) inspired me to write this and this story. Please click, I am very proud of both writings. ...more

Cardamon Cherry Ice Cream with Cherry Cardamon Oatmeal Cookies

I have been waiting in anticipation to cherry season. This Cardamon Cherry Ice Cream is smooth, silky, divine on its own but ever since I baked this Rolled Oats, Cardamon and Cherries Upside Down Cake back in July, 2011, I could not shake how brilliant the trifecta flavor combination was.I wanted to apply the same flavor profile to an ice cream this season. Question was how would I incorporate the oats into my ice cream without losing the purity of this frozen dessert ....more

'Oven Fried' Panko Crusted Chicken Schnitzel

You might find it surprising that this quintessential Viennese schnitzel is probably the most commonly made lunch or dinner, without fail, at every household in Israel. While falafel and schawarma are consumed out at the fast food hole in the wall, schnitzel is usually made at home. Read more » ...more

Cranberry Orange Swirl & Nigella, Sesame & Sunflower Seeds Challah

I hope you all had a Happy Chanukah and a Merry Christmas. If you follow me on Instagram,...more

Greek Gigante Bean Stew with Sunny Side Up (Gigante Plaki)

First came my obsession with the gigante bean. What to do with it came next. The marinated buttery gigante beans, one of, if not my #1 favorite bean, always lure me into the olive bar at the supermarket ....more

Savory Pie Crust Za'atar Cookies & How to Cheese Board

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that we spent this past Thanksgiving in Boston. It was loads of fun, but I suspect that since we were were on the road I didn't get my Thanksgiving cooking and baking out of my system. When I got back, I kept playing with pie crust, one of my favorite Thanksgiving foods ....more

Masala Chai Sable Cookies

I don't bake as many cookies throughout the year as I should. It's curious given how religiously I have my afternoon tea since the beginning of the time of the dinosaurs. And tea has to go with a cookie (I dig...more

Krembo - The Israeli 'Mallomar'

The Krembo is a seasonal Israeli sweet. When Einat Admony, the Israeli chef and owner of Balaboosta, Bar Bolonat and Taim Falafel in New York City published a recipe for it in her cookbook Balaboosta, I had to write about it and share her recipe over at The Jewish Food Experience website....more

Persimmon Flan

Growing up my mom used to make flan. It's actually the only thing she made out of a packet and not from scratch. I believe I was the only one who devoured it ....more