Mahogany Drive

I am a perfectionist who is far from perfect and I am always my own worst critic. I am frugal, not cheap!  I enjoy carbohydrates, staying fit and watching movies; ideally all at the same time.  Gymnastics is my favorite sport.  I'm a wanna be world traveler and author.  Just as soon as I finish that novel.

I blog about life, love, the pursuit of happiness, reality TV, home decor, money, shopping and anything else that pops into my head.  Everybody has a story and this is mine. I've been keeping journals and diaries since the age of 9.  Of course I have a blog.  I blog because I love to write. Always have, always will.

Oh Snap!! What I Think About Snapchat

About three months ago I went to a work conference out of town....more

My Husband Makes me go to Buffalo

A small industrial town in the North West corner of New York so close to the edge you can drive to Canada in 30 minutes was never on my list of places I wanted to visit and yet, I've been twice in two years....more

One Wrong Move

We've hiked in Idyllwild, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and at home in San Diego but Sedona was the first time I've ever felt like I was risking my life....more

Off Roading in Sedona

We spent Labor Day weekend in Sedona and it was AMAZING from the moment we checked into our hotel until the moment we had to leave. ...more

Finally, a Wedding

I think it's important that couples be able to do their own thing....more

The Catch

If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you are dying to know about this pic....more

Romping Around

Target // Mossimo We had a wild night on Friday bar hopping in Ocean Beach to celebrate a friend's birthday, which was really refreshing because I thought I'd aged out of Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach....more

The Fierce Five-Where Are They Now?

The gymnastics world is all a buzz because the road to Rio has officially begun with the 2015 US Secret Classic and continues with USA Nationals this weekend....more

On Vacation With Our Moms

The last two days of our vacation featured a beach day at the gorgeous Hanalei Bay and a pool day at our hotel....more

Warning: Hazardous Cliff

Warning: Hazardous Cliff! The ground may break off without warning and you could be seriously injured or killed. Stay back from the edge ....more