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Rochelle Melander is an author and certified professional coach. She has published ten books including Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days and Live to Tell About It) (2011). In 2006, Rochelle founded Dream Keepers Writing Group, a program that teaches writing to at-risk tweens and teens in the inner city of Milwaukee. As the Write Now! Coach, Melander teaches professionals how to create a writing life, write good books fast, and connect with readers on social media. Rochelle also speaks widely on the power of writing to improve health and wellbeing and transform lives. You can learn more about Rochelle’s coaching at


Try this Writing Exercise and Become TWICE as Successful by Rochelle Melander

October 6, 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Are you planning to Write-A-Thon this year? Yup—it’s that time of year again. National Novel Writing Month starts November 1, and it’s time to plan your project! ...more

Writers@Work: How I Self-Published My Children’s Book by Elaine Blanchard

September 29, 2015 Note From Rochelle Greetings, writers! My favorite part of my job comes around just twice a month—when I head to the library to teach writing to children as part of my Write Now! Dream Keepers program ....more

Writers@Work: How I Found a Writing Job at a Nonprofit by Ed Makowski

When I started college I hoped that someday there would be a writing position at one of the nature centers in my city. Two came to mind right away, Urban Ecology Center, which has three locations and is a stunning example of how to immerse oneself in the nature of a post-industrial landscape. The other was Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, a 185 acre sanctuary where 100 years previous Schlitz Brewery horses went to relax ....more

Five Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Blog by Rochelle Melander

September 15, 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Last week I traveled to Chicago and took part in Fabienne Fredrickson’s The Half-Day Solution workshop. It was a helpful to spend a day with other entrepreneurs, visioning and brainstorming together. My big lesson? ...more

Is Your Website Missing These Three Essential Elements? by Rochelle Melander

September 8, 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Last week I wrote about taking time on the balcony to dream and plan. That’s what I’m doing this week. I’ll also be taking a day to travel to Chicago and take part in a business-development workshop ....more

The Key Tool for Writing Success by Rochelle Melander

1 September 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, When I go back-to-school shopping with the kids, it’s tempting to fill the cart with products to help me be a more organized writer! But over the years, I’ve discovered that the perfect notebook, calendar, or pen doesn’t really add to my writing success. As a business owner and freelance writer, one of the best back-to-school gifts I’ve given myself is time away from my desk to dream and plan ....more

Writers@Work: Make Money with your Life Story By Emma V. Webb

25 August 2015 Dear Writers, I’d like to welcome Emma Webb to the blog. Today and tomorrow, you can get a copy of her new book at no charge at Amazon:...more

Writers@Work: An Interview with Lauren Fox

18 August 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, I’m delighted to be back in the office! But, as you may guess, when I opened my email—there were hundreds of messages waiting for my attention. If you sent one of them, don’t fret—I’ll be in touch with you soon! ...more

WritersRead: Books that have Spoken to Me by Gayle Rosengren

11 August 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, I’m enjoying my time away from work, finally reading some of the books I’ve been collecting all year! I have a confession to make about the books in the stack. Some of them were written for children ....more

#Writers Read: Is God Funny? Humorous Spiritual Writing by Elise Seyfried

4 August 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, I’ve taken off the next few weeks to read and spend time with my family. I’ll be back in the office on Monday, August 17! If you happen to live in Milwaukee, don’t miss tonight’s event with Lauren Fox at Boswell Book Company ....more