Bev Cooks

I'm insane about food and probably just a little bit insane in general. I'm also a new mama to boy/girl twins. In other words, will you pour me some wine?

Pimento Cheese Play Date

Do you remember pimento cheese? Ohhh I’m just kidding! Of course you don’t ....more

Risotto with Sausage, Brussels Sprouts and Sundried Tomatoes

Did you know that in ancient times, “autumn” actually translates to “eat risotto?” It does. But don’t try to look it up because Merriam and Webster had a fight last night and the site’s down. Don’t you just love risotto? ...more

The Great Weidner Summer Wrap of 2014

Oh yaaaaay, I have 300 billion 47 thousand 925 photos to show you! But I put most of them in collage form, to keep you from pouring gasoline on yourself. I thought we could take a lil’ stroll together through the past few summer months and take a gander at some precious family memories ....more

Weeknight Indian Chicken Soup

Fall is almost here! And a gnat is dog paddling in my red wine but that’s neither here nor there. Protein? ...more

Wine-Battered Coconut Shrimp Over Brown Rice

This week. I’ve been behind thu UNTAR week. I’ve been trying to publish this post since MONDAY NIGHT ....more

Snoopits: The Surface Edition

You know how other bloggers have little “snippets” series on their blogs? I thought that might be a gas in this space (not to be confused with gassy), since a lot of you have requested to see more of my home. But I’m not calling it Snippets because it makes me think of a pile […] ...more

Beer-Battered Catfish Tacos

First of all, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Holy SMOKES, you guys. I seriously can’t thank you enough for the overwhelmingly positive feedback you gave me on my last post ....more

So, I’ve Been Thinking.

Does that scare you? I don’t know what it is, but I’m feeling a shift. Maybe it hasn’t even happened yet, or maybe it’s about to ....more

Baked Okra

I keep almost typing Oprah. Baked Oprah. These look crazy, I know I know I know ....more

Simple Corn Salsa

And I mean cotton-pickin’ simple. It’s the end of summer. We ain’t got no time for riff raff ....more