Bev Cooks

I'm insane about food and probably just a little bit insane in general. I'm also a new mama to boy/girl twins. In other words, will you pour me some wine?

Friday Flotsam

Gaaareetings from the Arkansas road! You guys, we’re on a NINE day road trip. Nine days ....more

Amelia $200 Shopping Spree!

Suuuure I love Target just as much as the next Jo(ann?). But today…today we’re celebrating what really makes my heart get all twitterpated. The powaaaah of independent businesses! ...more

French Lentils with Roasted Root Vegetables


Friday Flotsam

This weeeeeeekaaaaaaaaaaa. I always sound so drained at the beginning of these posts. I can assure you I’m as chipper as a dandy dipper! ...more

Polenta, Sausage and Spinach Casserole

Get over here. We have a casserole to talk about. I’m only calling it casserole because I’m originally from Arkansas ....more

Reverse Shepherd’s Pie

It’s opposite day! Not really. Actually, this weird arctic nostril blast makes the weather feel like opposite day ....more

Friday Flotsam

Friiiiiidee.dee.dee.dee.dee. That’s not an actual song, I’m just an extreme weirdo-tron. Okay so I’m just going to jump right in ....more

Beer-Battered Fried Calamari Pizza

Babies and pizza! Not to be confused with babies IN pizza. Or babies ON pizza ....more

Friday Flotsam

Boo! You were scared. Admit it ....more

Homemade Baby Food. Four Recipes, Yo.

Okay, you guys, baby food is ugly. This has been your warning. But it’s soooo easy to make and I just couldn’t get through this phase without sharing a few of my go-to purees for the gremlins ....more