STEAM Project Idea: Bleeding Blossoms

Learn about capillary action and the properties of materials in this colorful STEAM...more

Mini Folded Paper Stars

Who doesn’t love a project with a little magic? Today’s paper art activity, Mini Folded Paper Stars has a reveal that is definitely worth waiting for! Mini Folded Paper Stars are perfect for a rainy afternoon stuck inside, they may add a little brightness to your family’s creative day! ...more

An Awesome STEAM Project Resource: The STEAM Kids Book

I know you have been looking for this book....more

How to Get Started Doing STEAM Projects At Home

Have you wanted to try STEAM projects at home with your kids but have absolutely no clue how to start? Do you love the idea of hands-on learning but need a little push to actually try it? Consider this your Quick Start Guide to getting started with STEAM! ...more

Science for Kids: Magic Milk Painting

Have you tried the classic Magic Milk science experiment? It has been all over the internet and for good reason, it’s so cool! When you add a little bit of dish soap to milk...more

80 Easy Creative Projects for Kids

9 years of parenting, 4 years of co-op preschool and 5 years of blogging means that my family and I have tried just about a gazillion projects for kids…. okay maybe not a gazillion but certainly in the hundreds! Some projects have made the blog, others are favorites from other bloggers, and some are just […] The post 80 Easy Creative Projects for Kids appeared first on Babble Dabble Do ....more

Simple Craft Idea: Bubble Wrap Rug

Be honest, after you open up a package covered in bubble wrap can you resist...more

How to Make Coil Pots with Polymer Clay

A lot of adults confess to me that they are intimated by clay and do not regularly try clay projects with their children. If you have ever seen a child experiment and play with clay you will realize what a wonderful sensory art material it is;...more

Pasta Suncatcher Craft for Kids

So what do you do when you have several pounds of dyed pasta laying around from a previous tutorial?...more

Garden Project for Kids: Seed Starts

My grandfather used to plant a huge vegetable garden every year, no matter that he lived right in the heart of Los Angeles. I remember growing up with fresh corn and zucchini from his harvest and seeing his huge stock of carefully caterogized and labeled seeds. ...more