The River Into Words

a lazy writer, wife, and mom of three brilliant little kiddos, learning to live with intention while permanently living in transition... also, follower of Jesus on day-by-day basis.

Here & Now (and a belated goodbye)

Leigh tells me it's about time for the monthly What I'm Into blog link-up. And right now I'm underneath a burgundy throw, feet up on an Amish ottoman, watching The Daily Show from a Kansas sitting room. I'm in a new space ....more

The Ultimate Weekend Image

This is how I spent my Memorial Day weekend! How did you spend yours? Thank you, sweet Hailey from The Urban Romantic, for capturing this perfect moment! ...more


A soul-friend of mine sent me a quote today, about writing and God and being confused, and how sometimes writing about God IS about being confused. One of these days she'll show up here and share her own confusing God thoughts with you, because I think you need to hear them like I needed to today... I'm confused, too ....more

Five Friday Favourites

I've had this post sitting in my drafts for ages; not that I couldn't come up with five things, but I've just not felt like writing. At all. But it's Friday night, the usual weekly cinema party is in full swing downstairs, and I'm surrounded by clean laundry in need of folding ....more

Saying goodbye to the Easter Dress

:: 2011 :: It's not really a big deal. Or, at least, it shouldn't be. Easter isn't about the dresses, and when you really think about it, pageantry is kind of the opposite of what happened on that desperate weekend so long ago ....more

Screen-Free Sunday and other Parenting Shenanigans

We've been slightly neglectful parents in that we kind of let the wee lad have the rule of the roost. He's four now and even though the terrible twos are far behind us, he's the most belligerent, the most vocal, the most opinionated and the most adorable of the lot. So rather than wage a lengthy, logical tug-of-war with this cute little menace, we allow too much leeway in the area of Wii games and videos ....more

Be Safe {a guest post from Fiona Lynne}

One of my favourite things about blogging is getting to know people online whom I may never get a chance to cross paths with. Fiona is one of them and I'm always challenged and inspired by her words. I asked her if she might consider writing for my wee blog and I'm so glad she said yes ....more

How I don't follow social media rules, on purpose

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you want follows, you gotta follow. And then they follow you back. And then you follow each other.The end.I'm super bad at this, you guys, playing the Twitter / Facebook / [insert any other social media platform here] game ....more

What I'm Into {March 2013}

You know how I promised I'd pay better attention this month? Yeah, well, I didn't. All the stress from last month's visa snafu bled into March, exacerbating some dormant anxiety issues I'd hoped would fade into mature adulthood ....more

Four positives from my latest rejection

A few weeks ago I applied to be a contributor at an online magazine. It was kind of on a whim, and even though I didn't necessarily feel 100% suited to the intended subject matter, I went for it anyway. I was trying to try, as you know, and it seemed like it could be a possible avenue for growth, both in my writing and in my perspective.As sometimes happens, I received that fated rejection letter today ....more