Progress and Joy

This is the first. I’d lived 36 years, 4 months and 14 days in an ignorant bliss before I lost someone close to me. I’ve attended the funeral’s of all 4 of my Grandparents, acquaintances, casual friends, and even co-workers over my years ....more


Jesus called my best friend home to heaven on Wednesday. While it doesn’t feel good or sound good to me or even look good for her husband and son, I know GOD IS GOOD. All of the time ....more

BRAVE move {Daniel Fast 2015}

Every year Ryan and I take 21 days of January to fast and pray for the Lord’s direction in our life that year. We began in 2011. We had no clue what we were doing, we were just sort of praying for whatever ....more

Remembering Eunice

We have sweet and amazing family friends who lost their 18 year old daughter this week from a sudden brain aneurysm. In the brave words of her brother, she was simply called to a greater service alongside our Heavenly Father. Her work here on earth was finished, and the Lord took her home ....more

PURDUE…and REAL SNOW falling from the sky

If we paid for all 7 kids to get to Indiana, you’d better believe we were going to make sure their feet hit Boilermaker country while we were there. This is more than just ‘where we went to college’….this is where Ryan and I met. Where God began working out his magnificent plan for our family ....more

Ice Skating

Another first in the lives of my kiddos. And very possibly one of my favorite parts of our vacation. We ventured over to downtown Cincinnati’s ice skating rink on Friday morning ....more

New Year’s Day: Bowling, Skyline, & Excavator

Oh, how I love New Year’s Day. Strangely, it’s one of my favorite days of the year, following close behind my anniversary which is, in fact, my #1 favorite day. Something about it being the beginning ....more

New Years Eve: on a plane and in Indiana

Our hearts told us to take the kids to Indiana this Christmas break. It didn’t look easy financially but with the kids just being adopted and never having been out of the state OR have met my side of the family it just really felt like the right thing to do....more

Christmas afternoon and evening 2014

We lazily hung around in our pajamas for a few hours, playing with some toys, trying on new clothes and shoes, and eating lots of food that I would only allow on Christmas day. Mid-morning I went and picked up the kids oldest brother to come and spend the rest of the day with us. Lance put those headphones on (which he innocently calls his “beats” – I love that brand names don’t mean a thing to him) and proceeded to sing out loud to every For King & Country song for at least an hour ....more

Christmas morning 2014

Amazingly enough, we had to make noise in the house to wake everyone (except E) up on Christmas morning. Go figure! They were all sleeping away while E counted the seconds till they arose so they could bust into presents ....more