The Crislers

I'm terrible at writing bios, a direct result of being bad at summarizing.  I can almost promise that my blog isn't as horrible as this bio.  Except when it isn't.  

All that to say: You should totally read our blog.  You're just going to have to trust me on this one.

Fireworks and Naps and Libraries

Growing up, my dad used to make his own fireworks. ...more

Your Word Is "Syni-Kyni-Doty-Chody"

Last week, Adelaide finally received her spelling bee packet. You may remember that last year, Daughter competed in- and won- her division in the spelling bee at the Iowa State Fair. ...more

Four Things

No one coddles our youngest like his big sister. ...more

On the eighth day He created Soccer Camp. And it was good.

If we were to sign Adelaide up for soccer camp, the results would be marked and severe. ...more

Exotic Travels

I'm going to be honest: ...more

Four Things

If you are on Instagram, consider giving Merriam-Webster a follow. ...more

Summer Break: Day the First

Caedmon came downstairs this morning wearing shorts and a tank top and shivering. ...more

Balance... Beam of Mashed Potatoes!

If you're thinking to yourself, Gosh, lately it seems like most of Kristy's posts are food-related, well, that's because they are. ...more

Let's Talk About Picky Eaters

Most nights in our house when I make supper, we have at least one kid who isn't thrilled with what's being offered. ...more

Things I Learned on Our Son's Field Trip

Despite the fact that we have had at least one child in public school for nearly six full years, prior to this spring I had somehow managed to escape chaperoning a field trip.This was 99% because we always had a younger child at home, one young enough they could not tag along on the various school-sponsored excursions. ...more