Worth Pinning

I am a full-time working mother of 2 with a background in interior design and floral design.  I am the Activities Director for an exclusive private development in the mountains and I am very active outdoors year-round.  My blog is my creative outlet where I share recipes, baking, parties, crafts, DIY projects, and wellness.

How do you show your love?

That's an easy one...baking. ...more

2015 World Ski Championship Cookies

The countdown is on...actually, it has been on for years. ...more

Ringing in the New Year

New Year's Eve is always a great time to tidy things up a bit before heading into a fresh (powder) new year. ...more

New Year's Eve Cookies

I made these cookies the other day- before I tossed out the remaining bare sugar cookies from Christmas. ...more

Building Holiday Memories with LEGOs

Are you ready? ...more

Stone Gingerbread House

I almost didn't do a gingerbread house this year. ...more

Yoga + Art

This is pretty much my definition of the perfect evening: ...more

Cashew Chai

This is my favorite warm Ayurveda breakfast: ...more

Holiday Roundup

It's the time of year that I notice a big surge of activity on Worth Pinning and Pinterest. ...more

Bumble Bee Cake or Cupcake Toppers

Speaking of busy little bees...I've been meaning to get back here to post the edible bumble bee cake toppers from the Mommy-to-Bee baby shower cake. ...more