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I am a full-time working mother of 2 with a background in interior design and floral design.  I am the Activities Director for an exclusive private development in the mountains and I am very active outdoors year-round.  My blog is my creative outlet where I share recipes, baking, parties, crafts, DIY projects, and wellness.

Mommy to Bee Cake

Here is a two tiered double layer 6" and double layer 8" cake for a Mommy to Bee themed baby shower. ...more

Tips for Skiing with Kids

Time for a new ski/snowboard/sled season. ...more

Heavy or Wholesome Holiday Snacking?

Going into the holiday season, my kitchen is usually filled with the delicious smells of spicy warm baked goods, super sweet baked goods or savory snack mix. ...more

#ShareAwesome Digital Safety

Our small family of 3 has 8 devices that connect to the Internet. ...more

Active Wear as Work Attire

As a yoga and barre instructor with 6-8 classes per week, I have to get creative disguising active wear as work attire once classes end. ...more

Thanksgiving Leftovers in a Jar

The next best thing to Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving leftovers. ...more

Heisman Sports Safety

How do you protect your kids from accidents and injuries in their activities and sports? ...more

Halloween Mantel & Costume/Decor Ideas

Last year's Halloween mantel was a little more glam. ...more

Restyling for Fall

We're taking our versatile bookcase at the landing from Spring and Summer through Fall with the easy swapping of accessories to match the season. ...more

Frostys for Families!

I don't know if Frostys bring your family together, but they sure bring my family together. ...more