A New Plan, A New Wall Color

My previous plan for the dining room just didn’t work out. So I spent quite a bit of time this weekend trying to figure out where things went off the rails and how to get things back on track. ...more

Know When To Walk Away

There’s a blog that I read where the blogger starts every post with some sort of inspirational quote. It’s nice. It’s uplifting ....more

My Plan To Build My Own Fully Upholstered Host Chairs (Dining Chairs)

Well, I’m still not 100% certain on the direction I’ll be taking for my dining room. I’m actually still reading comments from my last post. There’s some really good ideas in those comments, so I want to read through all of them and then mull over my options a bit ....more

Coral Curtains?

I’ll admit it. I’m completely at a loss when it comes to draperies for my dining room. I have vision for my dining table and chairs – black table with stained top, green side chairs with black and white striped seats, and end chairs covered in brightly colored floral watercolor fabric with black piping and […] ...more

Change Of Plans – Black Table, Green Chairs

So here’s how this came about. On Friday, I had a farmhouse dining table with a stained top and green base, right? Right ....more

My Finished DIY Farmhouse Dining Table

My DIY farmhouse dining table is finished, and I know this won’t come as a surprise to most of you, but I changed courses halfway through this project. If you read regularly, you should be used to that. To recap, I started out with a dining table that I bought on Ebay for a steal […] ...more

Dining Chair Makeover Options

I’m sure about the direction I’m heading with my dining table, and I’m about 75% sure about the direction I’m heading with my side chairs — painted green with the seats upholstered in black and white striped fabric. (Full disclosure: When I started writing this post, that number was 95%. Now I’ve dropped it to […] ...more

My New DIY Farmhouse Dining Table – Part 1

I’m not quite sure how to categorize this project. It’s not really a dining table makeover, because I built a new table base from scratch. But I didn’t exactly built a whole table since I reused the top from the dining table that came with my eight Ebay dining chairs (that only cost me $51)....more

My Steal Of A Deal – Dining Table With Three Leaves And Eight Dining Chairs For $51

Remember that Ebay auction I was waiting on last Friday? Well, it ended on Saturday morning, and I won! I got eight dining chairs and a solid wood dining table with three leaves for the amazing price of $51 ....more

What Color Is Best For Garage Doors?

I feel like I’m in a holding pattern right now when it comes to house projects. I had hoped to be working on my dining room draperies by now, but the black linen I was counting on using turned out to be too thin for my liking. So I’m still searching for the perfect black […] ...more