I’m Part of the Green Sisterhood! Three Reasons Why *YOU* Should Care

So, Healthful Mama (and me, Gretchen) is now a part of the Green Sisterhood Network. What does this mean? Why should YOU care? Lemme break it down for ya:   ...more

Are You Being Duped by That “Natural” Beauty Brand? Part 2

A houseguest’s shampoo bottle prompted an evaluation about just how “natural” The Body Shop’s products are in comparison to their branding and merchandising. You can read Part 1 of “Are You Being Duped by That “Natural” Beauty Brand?” ...more

Crispy Coconut Sole with Jalapeño Raspberry Sauce

I grew up on the East Coast, by the ocean, and I was also raised Catholic (No meat on Fridays during Lent!), so I am no stranger to weekly meals including fish. My husband, however, hates fish. This recipe is an attempt to mask that “fishy flavor” and serve up something everyone will enjoy ....more

'Food Fight' Video: Junk Food Villainy

In the ongoing battle against urban food deserts and the corporate monopoly of our food system, artists from every realm do their part to spread the word and raise awareness about this disturbing problem. This clever, important video from filmmaker Ben Zolno compares the dearth of nutrional choices to the damages of drugs and violence - all are robbing us of our youth: ...more

5 Reasons Why Your Paleo Diet Is Pathetic

I can’t get away from it. The Paleo. It’s everywhere. My natural grocery store has a display devoted to Paleo cookbooks and reference texts. The blogosphere is all but saturated with titles like Paleo Hacks, Paleo on a Budget, Everyday Paleo, and The Paleo Plan ....more

Garlic Oil for Earaches

A few nights ago, our son, who was already battling a cold, walked into the room holding both of his ears and crying in pain. His situation quickly got worse from there. He became inconsolable, spiked a fever, and was unable to relax ....more

Make Your Own Toothpaste

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re interested in avoiding the dangers of fluoride or curious about how making your own toothpaste could save you money–that’s why I was inclined to take on this little project, at least. Many recipes exist for homemade toothpaste ....more

Trusted Sponsor–January 2013

It’s the end of the month, and time to show a little love for the rockin’ businesses and bloggers who help make my life easier. I place my trust in their talent & authority in their fields ....more