I'm a FORMER academic,CURRENTLY a writer and blogging mom, ASPIRING  astrophysicist, gazillionaire philanthropist and goddess, and undoubtedly a PERPETUAL dreamer, hopeless romantic, and overanalyzer.


I was born and raised in the Philippines, but am now living in Middle Tennessee with my husband and son.  I taught Sociology in university for 7 years and held the position of Assistant Professor prior to my 2004 migration to the United States.  In that past life, I was also a contributing author to three academic publications in the Philippines. 


My blog was voted VoiceBoks Top Mom Blog of 2013.  I'm also a contributor to the Huffington Post.  You can read all about my angst as a mother, migrant and hopeless romantic on my site Catharsis


Son, This is Really Why I'm Angry...

There are certain things that can definitely get a parent so riled up, so frustrated beyond words that it becomes close to impossible to resist the urge to blow up and be impulsive. Sometimes it's just so much easier to give way to a visceral reaction, rather than be rational and take a pause... It was a typical school day afternoon ....more

What Spells Success

I'm not entirely sure but I have a strong suspicion that I was way more tense than my son. It was the morning of the 2016 Third Grade Spelling Bee at his school and we have both been reviewing for the past week. Last night, his last chance at really preparing for this event, it came to a point where I can see he had mentally given up ....more

The Unexpected Gifts of Motherhood

There are immeasurable rewards to being a mother in spite of the infinite challenges parenthood has to offer. For every sleepless night, anxiety, frustration, messy house, spit or puke stain on your clothes and simply being exhausted to the bone, there is the deep joy, as well as the kind of love you never thought possible that continue to make you evolve into a better human being. Indeed those are priceless gifts to be treasured, all thanks to motherhood ....more

Sometimes It Pays to be a Slacker Mom

"Bff, you've changed". She seemed so serious with her message that it actually concerned me. I began asking myself.. ....more

Deepest Desires and Ugly Truths

"What do you REALLY want?" "What is your deepest, darkest desire?" They're phrased differently in different episodes but these are the questions uttered by the devil in the t.v. series "Lucifer" to draw out people's secret thoughts. I know there are people who think this show is spiritually dangerous and that it should be canceled because it makes the devil look lovable, cool, and funny. But seriously, if your spirituality's maturity level as an adult is where you feel it can be easily shaped by a t.v. show then you probably shouldn't be watching any shows at all ....more

Our Marriage is the Half-Eaten Cake

It was just one of those nights I had gotten used to. The husband sends me a text message ...more

The Necessary Delusion

Witnesses say the fire started at around 1 a.m. on April 1, and that the most likely cause is faulty electrical wiring. It started on the third floor where I used to hold office. Reports state that there were no casualties but as a former member of this academic community, deep down I can't seem to entirely agree with that.Yes, no one was physically hurt as a result of this tragedy, but the wounds, the depth of injury and pain resulting from this fire is something difficult to quantify....more

What Losing Myself Means

I remember in the 1990s I would often catch episodes of the Oprah Show and was always struck by the number of women expressing their despair over losing themselves. Most of the time I saw mothers painfully admitting that they no longer knew who they were, or what happened to their old vibrant selves....more