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Too Much is Never Enough in Food Network Land

Original Image by:...more

When We Became Three: A Family Adventure

*All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I was...more

Lessons From My Two Imperfect Weddings

This week I celebrated my wedding anniversary. My 'other' wedding anniversary for the year, is what I call it. You see, I married the same person twice; one was a civil ceremony, while the other, a church (Catholic) ceremony ....more

Of Fruit Flies and a "Writer's" Self-Doubt

Yessssssssssssssss!! YESSSSSSS! I screamed and hoped none of the neighbors heard me in my ecstatic state ....more

Marry Someone You Can Dance With

My parents-in-law recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and all their six children decided to throw them a big party to mark this major milestone....more

Favors Working Moms Should Never Ask For From Their SAHM Friends

I'm so over mommy wars. I feel like it's been debated on to death, with every argument deconstructed and shredded to pieces. I'd like to think a lot of people are more enlightened now, knowing that parents make choices for their families and such choices just have to be respected and even supported ....more

Would You Even Know It If You Met Happy?

My son recently decided that he wanted to be part of his school's Chorus group. He's been attending the after school practices for a couple of weeks now and though, admittedly, he's not the best singer there is, I must say that I'm proud of his obvious love for music and the dedication he has for it....more

Grief from 8,000 Miles Away

It was past 9:30 at night when my cellphone rang. No one ever really calls me that late, unless...Unless. I looked at the caller I.D. and saw that it's an overseas call ....more

Why Dying At 75 Is Worth Considering

Image by: Nicole Pierce By now most of you have probably read Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s highly riveting and thought-provoking article on why he hopes to die at 75. Based on some reactions I’ve read, I know that the ideas he put forward are contentious and made a lot of people uncomfortable and even enraged ....more

Drop-Off Zone Doesn't Mean Drop Your Manners

I'm an extremely rule abiding person. Chalk it up to eleven years of Catholic education or to having strict parents, or both, it doesn't matter. The fact is, when it comes to rules, I'm very compliant and you'd rarely see me challenging them ....more