I'm a FORMER academic,CURRENTLY a writer and blogging mom, ASPIRING  astrophysicist, gazillionaire philanthropist and goddess, and undoubtedly a PERPETUAL dreamer, hopeless romantic, and overanalyzer.


I was born and raised in the Philippines, but am now living in Middle Tennessee with my husband and son.  I taught Sociology in university for 7 years and held the position of Assistant Professor prior to my 2004 migration to the United States.  In that past life, I was also a contributing author to three academic publications in the Philippines. 


My blog was voted VoiceBoks Top Mom Blog of 2013.  I'm also a contributor to the Huffington Post.  You can read all about my angst as a mother, migrant and hopeless romantic on my site Catharsis


My Parenting Recipe Disaster

His words shocked me to the core and I stood trying to process what I just heard. How can something so trivial have such a piercing effect on me? I heard his verdict and I simply refused to believe it ....more



The Real Reason Why This Mom Hates Homework

"I'm surprised at the amount of homework my third grader has! Is it just me??" "I need some alcohol to deal with all this!" My son just started third grade two weeks ago. Barely two weeks into the school year, I’ve already read Facebook posts from parents of the other third graders complaining about the amount of homework these kids are given ....more



A Romantic's Guide to Meteor Showers

Ever since I can remember, I've always been fascinated by anything celestial. Outer space is simply a topic I can never grow tired of, so my excitement over news of meteor showers should not be a surprise to anyone who knows me. After all, I've been waiting to see one all my life ....more

Building a Case for My Friendship With Taylor Swift

Today I've decided to come out. My husband has always thought it was pretty obvious but I was in denial for a long time. It's not because I've been completely ashamed but I've felt it was kind of inappropriate given my age and the stage in life I'm in ....more

Luck's Twisted Sense of Humor

It was to be our first time at this posh and very highly-reviewed downtown restaurant. We were both excited and feeling romantic about this anniversary dinner. I guess most of all, as foodies, my husband and I simply couldn't wait to experience the culinary adventure we knew awaited us....more

Are You a Slave to Your False Beliefs?

"Your total is $66.68". This was all the cashier had to say to the woman in front of me to bring her to a state of semi-panic. Hurriedly, she turned to her side, deciding what small item she could purchase to add to her total ....more

The Intimacy of Love and Hate

My sweet blogger friend, Susan of The Most -- Of Every Moment, wrote a post on love and hate last week. She created an interesting list of things that she simultaneously loves and hates, depending on the facet she's focused on. I enjoyed reading the post as it highlighted the complex relationship we sometimes have with things in our lives, that it's not always as simple as loving or disliking something in its entirety ....more

Road Trip Part II: Everything IS Big in Texas

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22, everything will be alright if...." Taylor Swift was still echoing in my head minutes after turning my music off. We were talking, commenting on the traffic, the drizzle and then BANG!...more