Groupon, groupoff: On becoming a travel discount master (mistress?)

We leave for London in a week! A week! Don't know whether to get really excited or to throw up about leaving my babies ....more

Dinosaur Train Swag Giveaway Winner

Any guesses on which one secretly wants to eat the other one?TM and © The Jim Henson Company. All Rights Reserved Remember that one time when my local PBS station emailed me and I geeked out like a fangirl? And we had a giveaway? ...more

PBS Kids Giveaway and Dinosaur Train at Hogle Zoo!

You all know how much I love me some Sumptuous Literary Adaptations, and PBS is basically my SLA dealer. It brings good things to my life, like Sherlock. It's what I watch when I'm up in the night feeding babies (Downton Abbey Season 1 with the Tiny Dark Lord, The Paradise Season 1 with Loki) ....more

Baby Bear knits and also items for sport

Have been doing a bit of knitting for the two nephews I have coming. Both my brothers and their wives are expecting boys--one in August and one in September. I found a cute newborn bear hat pattern and decided that these Alaska babies need this in their lives ....more

And so it begins (alternate title: Canning like a sister wife)

Seven years ago I posited these questions after a Relief Society lesson that was possibly titled "Jesus Wants us to Can Peaches." Also? What's up with canning and all that? Why should we do it? ...more

If a garden grows unblogged . . .

Was chatting with Desmama last weekend (because I get to do that, neener) and she asked if I planted a garden. She said she didn't know since I hadn't blogged about it. SO ....more

Because my brain is too damaged from the heat

There is no air conditioning in my house and I forgot to leave the bay windows open last night so it was already like 76 degrees in the living room when I got up.I'm sure the pioneers are shedding a tear for me right now.The only way we can get the boys to sleep at night is to prop fans up in (probably dangerous) positions on furniture so a breeze reaches them. And then I retreat to my room with the running window AC unit and feel all kinds of guilty. I'm pretty sure someone with a Mother Heart would let the kids have the air conditioning.Let's hear all your favorite places to get out of the heat, preferably ones that would work with an infant and a toddler! ...more

Update #5: The fruit of my loins

The super villains are doing fine. Please indulge me while I record a few things about them, since this is basically the only place I'll be doing that. The No-Longer-Tiny Dark Lord TDL and his great-Grammy Jim Gaffigan says, "The person who came up with the term "terrible twos" must have felt really foolish after their kid turned three." TDL decided to skip the terrible twos and instead hit three with a vengeance ....more

Doing the Fast Metabolism Diet

So a few of you have expressed interest in checking out the diet/eating plan I used to lose my baby weight. It's...more

Update #4: Passport

Remember the tax return and me trying to get a passport? Despite the best (read: worst) efforts of the people at Sam's Club's photo department, I did get it. See how pretty? ...more