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I'm Pam, creator of diy Design Fanatic blog. I love to diy, get creative, design kitchens, decorate my home, organize spaces, sew and I LOVE to garden.  

A Place For Everything and Everything In It's Place- In The Kitchen

Is your Spring Cleaning finished yet? Nope, mine's not finished either....more

Table For Two for Easter

This year it may be just the two of us- Mr. DIY and I. Our daughter made plans ...more

Mountain Cottage Reno - Kitchen Update

The kitchen at our Mountain Cottage has come a long way since it first look like this... and the above photo was taken after work began! If you go wayyyyy back, the kitchen looked like this.. ....more

How To Store Spices When You Have Open Shelves In Your Kitchen

Since we will have open shelves instead of cabinets on the range side of the kitchen at the Mountain Cottage, I needed to come up with a pretty solution to store spices. ...more

Starting From Scratch In The Garden

January 1st of any year Moving to a new city, apartment or house Starting a new job Beginning ...more

Zhushing Up A Corner Of The Laundry Room

Can your laundry room use a little zhushing? It has been a pleasure folding laundry in our laundry room ever since it was transformed from builder basic to pretty and functional. Lighting really made.. ....more

Change Up Your Family Room With New Pillow Covers

Can you ever have enough pillows or pillow covers? I don't think so, but maybe that's just me. The biggest problem with buying pillows is that they take up too much space....more

How We Store Our Stuff (Now)

How To Store Your Stuff is my number one post that is shared everywhere. It shows our storage room in the basement of our last home. A basement is great for storage and that house had no lack of it... ....more

Valentine's Day Table For Two

Happy Valentine's Day Friends! I get nostalgic around Valentine's Day and remember little things we did to make it special for our girls when they were little. I always made a heart shaped meatloaf.. ....more

Laundry Room Makeover

I'm really happy to show you how far our laundry room has come since we've moved in. I was really excited to have a larger laundry room than our previous house, especially because this house is a lot... Hope you'll stop by for all the latest posts! ...more