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Pam blogs about DIY & home improvement, gardening & sewing projects, while transforming a little Mountain Cottage near the Blue Ridge Parkway

Tasty Gluten Free Applesauce Muffins

These muffins are good. Not good for gluten free....more

Keep It Organized

Hello Friends! How's the organizing going??? Oh, if only spaces would stay neat and tidy ....more

Mountain Cottage Kitchen Reno - Built In Banquette Seating

I'm so excited to have this project finished!...more

Our New Home- A Year Later

Has it been a year already?...more

Farmhouse Sofa Table

Don't you just love it when you find something accidentally when you're not looking for it, when you've been looking for that item for along time? Maybe it's just me. We've needed a place to put our.. ....more

Patriotic Porch For Independence Day

We love sitting on our front porch in the evening after dinner. The porch gets morning sun, so it's not too warm in the afternoon. ...more

Youngest Daughter's Bedroom

Hello Friends! Yesterday was the final photoshoot of our youngest daughter's bedroom. She'll be packing up the last of her things and moving into her own apartment this week about 30 minutes.. ....more

Summer Family Room

Do you ever buy something a long time in advance and can't wait for the right time to set it out? I found a couple of flag pillows almost a year ago on . I purchased them knowing I would.. ....more

Make Your Master Bath Your Sanctuary

Your Master Bathroom should be your sanctuary.It should be pretty and functional;A place for relaxation and a place for a little luxury. Since Mr. DIY loves to make soap, I keep several bars in the.. ....more

Mountain Cottage Kitchen Reno - Building The Open Shelves

Mr. DIY wasn't so sure about building open shelving in the kitchen at the Mountain Cottage. I grew tired of him saying he didn't know how the shelves could be strong without having more studs to.. ....more