Far From Flawless

I am a hard-working optimist who is learning to let go of perfect and enjoy the challenges of everyday life as woman in a newly blended family with steps, ex's and all that goes with it.  I won't do it perfectly and I'll share what I learn along the way!

It's Quiet Here, But We're Just Summering...

Summer is just always a sweet time for me. ...more

Summer Screen Strategies

Every year summer bring more time for screens to dominate our home. ...more

Father's Day in a Blended Family

Like just about everything else, there isn't a "normal" in a blended family. ...more

Honor the Old, Nurture the New

When I consider the unique...more

Mother's Rule the World!

I really do believe Mother's rule the world, in the sense that for a child, Mother really does control most of his or her world. ...more

Snippets of Life Lately

Our spring has been as colorful as our fall season this year. ...more

Kids Need To Know: This marriage will last, but so will our bond.

A coworker and I had a long conversation about blended and nontraditional families this week and it really got me thinking about the unique needs of children in modern day family units. ...more

Five Unique Needs of Children in a Blended Family

There are hundreds of list of the top needs for children and the basics apply in every situation. ...more

Love Your Mama!

If you are looking ahead and thinking of Mother's Day, there is a fabulous Flash Sale at Dayspring! Beautiful Beyond Words Gift Set...more

Good Friday

Good Friday is a solemn and sacred day for the Christian, and I'm grateful to be provided with a day away from work and out of the normal schedule. ...more