New Painting

I've been painting on large canvas...much more suited to my large, sloppy strokes ....more

Newest Painting

I've been totally frustrated with weeks of painting and no results that I consider worth keeping. I love so many types of art, and I think I have tried just about all styles from charcoal drawing to abstract painting. The good news is you can paint over canvases that you mess up on ....more

Bits and Bobs

These are not porn stars, these are my sketches. Tree Cozy Building a room around these doors. Sunoco gas bar ....more

A birthday in the house.

Henry Francis and I share a birthday....more

Painting a day

I read that you have to paint 120 paintings before you get any good. I've given myself a challenge to paint a painting a day for 30 days....more

Artist Wannabe

Once in a while someone will the question at a party (usually after a bit of liquor) about what your dream job would be. I was asked it recently, and since then I've given it lots of thought lately because I'm dead bored of selling rugs and furniture and even the decorating side of my business if dulling me out. The truth is I've always wanted to paint ....more


Unknown- March 11, 2014 Best friend of Gracie Thought she was a dog Best Cat Ever ...more

New stock in Shop

I've spent the past week photographing new stock of Sno of Sweden jewelry. The latest trend is a big stack of bracelets on the arm. I love experimenting with all the pieces to find interesting ways to wear them ....more

Late start

Christmas Breakfast Table Sofa and chair in Tampa cafe pretty light fixture fun ride All you really need Company for dinner brought wine and an old school flamingo When in St. Petersburg, try Mazzaro's for lunchA late start to the blog I know....Christmas and New Years at home, our first without boy child. We braved that well, knowing we would all be together with the baby for new years and then a full week in Florida with the whole gang ....more

Sno of Sweden Holiday Jewelry Sale

If you are looking for Christmas gifts, I have just added a TON of new stock to my Sno of Sweden jewelry online collection. Living very close to the Sno sales headquarters in Canada allows me to make frequent buying trips and hand select the items I wish to put in the shop. To make room for the new stock, I have marked down many items and am also offering an additional 10% off all orders ....more