Pink Rules.

It was a sad day yesterday as we had to put our old dog Balto to sleep. Balto came to us at age 12 as a rescue. His elderly owner had died ....more


My first sold painting Blogging has been on the back burner lately, although I still read all my favorites each day. We had Thanksgiving in Florida and walked in our neighborhoods local Thanksgiving day parade. What fun that was ....more

Advent Clandar

The count down to Christmas is so exciting for children. I've always bought advent calendars for my kids, but this year, now there's a little one, I decided to make a family one. I went to Michael's and bought 2 packs of these little unbleached cotton sacks ....more

Florida Sunroom

Encaustic cement tile floor, made in Mexico. Movarian star light fixtures, second hand Moroccan rugs. The doors at the far end were purchased long before construction started and the room was designed to fit them ....more

New Painting

I've been painting on large canvas...much more suited to my large, sloppy strokes ....more

Newest Painting

I've been totally frustrated with weeks of painting and no results that I consider worth keeping. I love so many types of art, and I think I have tried just about all styles from charcoal drawing to abstract painting. The good news is you can paint over canvases that you mess up on ....more

Bits and Bobs

These are not porn stars, these are my sketches. Tree Cozy Building a room around these doors. Sunoco gas bar ....more

A birthday in the house.

Henry Francis and I share a birthday....more

Painting a day

I read that you have to paint 120 paintings before you get any good. I've given myself a challenge to paint a painting a day for 30 days....more

Artist Wannabe

Once in a while someone will the question at a party (usually after a bit of liquor) about what your dream job would be. I was asked it recently, and since then I've given it lots of thought lately because I'm dead bored of selling rugs and furniture and even the decorating side of my business if dulling me out. The truth is I've always wanted to paint ....more