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Kerrie McLoughlin wants everyone to have as much fun with life as she does! She loves to make readers laugh while informing them at the same time on various topics such as cooking, writing for magazines, being a successful work-at-home mom, creating a rockin' direct sales blog, making celebrations and holidays fun with and for kids, homeschooling, being a laid-back parent and more!

She has written articles for over 160 regional parenting magazines and enjoys proofreading/editing at Check out her other books on Amazon and her blog at

Kerrie is also the chaos-loving, homeschooling, write-from-home mama of 5 awesome kids and wife to Aron. She is based in Kansas City. 

Proactive Pool-Cleaning Tips (Guest Post)

How about another guest post? If you have a swimming pool in your yard, this one is for you. I am dreaming of this someday .. ....more

How to Cope with an Irrational Fear of the Dentist (Guest Post Because Summer is Eating My Life)

[queue the relaxing but lively classical music]During the homeschool year, I envisioned long mornings spent writing books and articles, days spent at the pool then planning co-op syllabi and at-home syllabi. Reading unlimited books to my kids and to myself. Netflix binges ....more

Giving the Trim Healthy Mama Plan a Shot

I'm not sure where I first heard about Trim Healthy Mama, but I got the plan book and the cookbook months ago and actually packed them away. We are thinking about moving and are clearing shelves and boxing up things to make it easier when we have to hopefully move to our dream house on land in a rush, and those books made it into a box. Come to think of it, I probably saw the book in the little newsletter called Above Rubies that I get .. ....more

Keeping Fit with a #Ketogenic Diet

Guest Post: Keeping Fit with a Ketogenic Diet Millions of people the world over spend most of their time trying to keep fit. Fitness experts have come up with various ways to do so including exercising, maintaining a balanced diet and of course gaining the willpower and motivation to keep fit. When it comes to diet, you are told to get rid of junk food which is food that is high in sugar, fat, and cholesterol ....more

How to Find the Best Current Account Deals (Guest Post)

How to Find the Best Current Account Deals If you’re looking for a new current account and want to change banks, finding a good deal is important. These days, current accounts are so much more than just a secure place to store your money and make payments from – you can get current accounts which offer a huge range of benefits, whether it be free travel insurance, a free membership to a video streaming site such as Netflix, and reduced rates and cashback offers for many different shops and stores. With so many different banks offering a range of current accounts each, how can you be sure that you’re getting the best deal? ...more

#BlueStem #KansasCity #Westport #FineDining #Roasterie #DateNight

On June 2, my amazing husband took me out for a surprise date. I was SHOCKED at the place he took me to! We went to BlueStem in Westport because my cousin Derek Solsberg used to work there as a chef but he had since moved on ....more

Whole Foods Grocery Store as Relaxation and Goji Berries

I didn't set out to buy soy milk from Whole Foods the other night. It was an accident.Aron had been out of town all week and I was stressed when he got home. I was trying to eat better but REALLY wanted to run for the nearest Sheridan's for a nasty treat ....more

#FirstDayOfSummer 2016

So here is my First Day of Summer in a few words.A couple of kids had a water balloon fightPork loin in slow cooker (thanks, Lisa!)Lightning fast mammogramSchool lunch with 6 kidsPool with 7 kidsTake and pick up daughter to/from sewing class because I'm a sewing moron and she wanted to make a dress and it's my job to "make it work"Massive payment on 12-passenger van where I sent the little canister and told the lady working there, "I'm making a payment on YOUR van."May have fallen asleep in teen's bed for 10 minutes after lecturing other teenStarbucks (thanks, Mom!) for a mocha frappuccino lightTower of recycling That's pretty much how the whole summer is going. How is your first day of summer? ...more

How Virtual Reality is Changing Your Decor Design

Please enjoy today's guest post as I struggle to get my proofreading work wrapped up while also keeping my kids and their friends occupied before our staycation this long weekend for my 45th birthday and for Father's Day. I personally have zero imagination or vision when it comes to decorating, so I'll take any help I can get. Have a great rest of your week! ...more

Home Schooling Through College: Is It Possible?

Home Schooling Through College: Is It Possible? Parents who choose to homeschool their children do so for various reasons. Some parents home school because they tend to travel a lot and don’t want to disrupt their child’s learning or because they’re not satisfied with the level of education available in their area ....more