Me Want Cookie

A Cookie Monster Celebration As we know, I love to throw a good kids' party. Margo is obsessed with cookie monster and she loves her music class, so together we had a fabulous cookie monster themed second birthday party, complete with the terrifically talented Miss Marcia as entertainment....more

Thank you Mo'Ne Davis, or why not every girl wants to be a princess and that's okay.

My daughter, Moira is not a princess. She is not into pink....more


Imagine having a fever, and then suddenly looking at your limbs and noticing red spots. Taking a deep breath in, pain begins radiating down your throat as your tongue finds sore after sore. Is it the plague? ...more

Surviving Sesame Place

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?...more

It's Good to be Green! (Garden Update!)

Move over Martha, apparently Mama (and Daddy) have a green thumb. We may have been a little overzealous with the seeding, however, we did yield a few radish. The rest of our crop is due to be harvested throughout mid-June to mid-July....more

How does your garden grow?

Our yard has been a work in progress.When we first moved in nearly five years ago, it looked like this. It was scary....more

A Supercalifragilstic Shindig or two

"Go Big or Go Home."...more


I have been MIA.Yes, I know this.However, there are posts floating around my brain that need to get out. I will write them.These stories and observations and party planning successes will again make their way here.But for today, I need to share about my supercalifragilistic six year old. Dear Moira, My lovie girl, my sporty girl, my first baby girl, I wonder if you know how fabulous you truly have become?...more

A Great Day to Be BRAVE!

When Maeve suggested a Brave theme for her fourth birthday party, I eagerly began searching for things related to Merida and her fabulous family. Unfortunately, while Merida is still a very popular princess in my home, her popularity seems to have decreased, as the amount of Brave related accessories and gifts have dwindled.Thankfully, between some searching on Pinterest and Amazon, I was able to gather enough materials to make this a great day to be Brave....more

A Whole Lotta Vagina in the House

"There's a whole lotta vagina in this house". ...more