Me & My Self-Righteous Lent

I started a Lenten email devotional series on Ash Wednesday and posted strict instructions about how you had to join it by a certain time or ELSE. Or else you couldn’t join it, that’s all. ...more

Finding Your Calling in the Chaos

Two days after my house burned down in 2010, I was in Knoxville with my sister getting the bare essentials. ...more

The ONE Thing I Got Right Today

It’s been a Monday around these parts. ...more

Life Itself Is Grace & Do Overs

You may hate me after I say this. ...more

Home Is Where My People Are {New Podcast!}

In blogging years, I’ve been at it since almost the beginning of time. This year is my 7th year. ...more

What Happens When You Offer Your Work to the World

An artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo. And an artist takes it personally. ...more

Why is the World So Snarky?

As you probably know, my sister and Caiti and I recently flew to JamieKnoxville’s in South Jersey to help her move into a new place. It was a wonderful/exhausting trip that involved an eight hour stint in IKEA, dinner at Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City, a canceled flight, a 50 yard sprint going the wrong way on a walking sidewalk (wish you coulda been there), 75,000 pieces of IKEA furniture parts and hardware that needed assembling, and a lot of buttercream & coffee. ...more

5 Ways to Bring the Magic Back To Your Kitchen

Last week, I spent two days working in my kitchen wondering if the greasy film that covers certain parts of my stove can ever be clean again. ...more

Only Love

* A little love from the archives, with new content resuming next week. None of us escapes it. ...more

My 7 Favorite Life Lessons from 2014

I’m a New Year’s girl and always have been. The week between Christmas and when the kids go back to school is my nirvana. ...more