From Fat To Finish Line

Mom, coffee addict, martini fanatic, Jersey girl, and runner. I have lost 100 pounds through (mostly) healthy eating and an unexpected joy of running. I am currently producing and co-directing a film called, "From Fat To Finish Line." The film documents the journey of 12 average folks who have lost 100 pounds or more thru diet and exercise and will now meet for the first time to run a 200 mile relay race in Jan. 2013.

From Fat to Finish Line Film: Pinch Me!!

Holy crap, people.This is happening.The film is out, people are watching it and they like it. They really, really like it. ...more

From Fat to Finish Line Documentary Film Nears Finish Line!

Who would've thunk all those years ago when I first made the incredulous, ridiculous decision to "start running" that the journey would've led me here.I've had ups and downs. The scale has been kind and evil. Through the years I've had set-backs, injuries, weight gain, and fall-downs ....more

San Diego Screening of From Fat to Finish Line Documentary and other stuff

Hi all!I've become such a bad blogger but that's only because we are kicking booty and working so hard in many other areas.Just thought I'd do a drive by and update you on some good stuff:1. It's been slow and not-so-steady but the weight is slowly coming off. I'm back at WW and also using some of the tools at SparkPeople ....more

Checking out The Oprah & Deepak 21 Day Meditation Experience

My first time doing Yoga 2011 with Cynthia...more

Start Spreading the News I'm running the NYC Marathon again!

Pre-run selfie with my pink NYC marathon hat It was that day of the year again. The day of refreshing email, calling the credit card for "latest activity" and stalking the New York Road Runners page for any and all updates regarding the TCS New York City Marathon lottery. Honestly, I wasn't quite as obsessed this year ....more

From Fat to Finish Line the Continually Amazing Journey

Hello all -It's been a few months since my last big race The New York City Marathon and I haven't really blogged since.I thought I would just check in and let ya all know what's been going down. Week after NYC marathon ran the Vegas Rock N Roll Half. ...more

2015 TCS New York City Marathon Race Report: Victory

I have tried to write this post since Monday but the enormity of it all has left me at a loss to where to start. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that I was able to do this race. The night before the race my friends Linda and Charlie came to stay with me (read Linda's report here) ....more

NYC Marathon 2015 Getting Mentally Ready

It's two days before NYC Marathon Sunday. After years of dreaming of taking a bite out of the big apple the day is nearly hear....more

Secrets to my Running and Weight Loss Success

I feel really fortunate that I've been able to take this running journey. I started my weight loss journey in 2007, stalled and then found running in 2010. Along the way I've lost (and have mostly kept off!) a hundred pounds while logging thousands of miles.I get many emails from friends, family and strangers who read this blog for the "secrets sauce" to my success so I figured I'd lay it out here ....more

Challenge Pocono Mountain Race Review: Olympic Triathlon OMG

Hello all -- Sorry it's been a while since I've last posted. So much has been going on....more