From Fat To Finish Line

Mom, coffee addict, martini fanatic, Jersey girl, and runner. I have lost 100 pounds through (mostly) healthy eating and an unexpected joy of running. I am currently producing and co-directing a film called, "From Fat To Finish Line." The film documents the journey of 12 average folks who have lost 100 pounds or more thru diet and exercise and will now meet for the first time to run a 200 mile relay race in Jan. 2013.

TCS New York City Marathon Drawing Day

The day of the 2014...more

What I love about marathon training and other things

Hello! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Ground Hogs Day. I know it's been a while ....more

Palm Springs Triathlon Race Recap

It's been a few weeks since my last post and thought I would take a little time on this Christmas Eve morning to catch up with you all.A few weeks ago I participated in the H.I.T.S Palm Springs Triathlon. I was signed up for the OLY but I didn't train as hard as I should have and still new to a road bike, decided it best to drop to the sprint level.Funny, I always feel the need to say "just the sprint." I have a lot of friends who might be able to do a sprint triathlon with their eyes closed but it's still really challenging to me - and around 2 hours of exercise. There's nothing 'just' about it.Anyway - Palm Springs itself was interesting ....more

Monday Musings and Making a Comeback

So I'm three and a half weeks back on Weight Watchers and into Marathon training and things are clicking and feeling good. I feel like I'm on a comeback after a long stretch of nothing feeling like it was working. This past Friday I had my weigh-in and I was down something small like .2 pounds ....more

Talking Turkey, Weight Watchers and Running

Happy Thanksgiving! So I'm into week three of marathon training already. It's a long-a$$ training program (24 weeks or something!) So far the runs have been manageable - a few 3 mile runs, a few 5 mile runs and I've been getting them all in - which feels great ....more

Getting My Groove Back: Week 1 Recap

A week ago I wrote a post, "It's A New Day"...more

It's a New Day

Why yes I have disappeared off the face of the earth for a bit. Sorry about that. It's been a time of reflection for me ....more

REV 3 Pocono Mountains Race Review

This is my first race report for a race I actually didn't run. the medal was awesome pic from Rev3 FB page I was signed up for it but as you know from my Maine Rev3 reports...more

10 Reasons why Triathlon is a Pain in the A$$

I am enjoying Triathlon but boy is it a huge pain in the ass! Here are ten reasons why:1. Waking up at Ass O'Clock in the morning ....more

Rev 3 Maine OLY race report: The Run

Read part 1 of the race review the swim HERERead part 2 of the race review the bike HERE So we manage to make it back from the bike and onto the run! I am flying high and in a great mood. I am not dreading 6 miles, instead I'm feeling like I just tackled 26 miles of biking and swimming - the two things that gave me the most fear - and now all that stands between me and the finish line is 6 miles.. ....more